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The Future of Fake News

If you want to read about an amazing life, try Colonel Sanders. From the Great Depression until his death in 1980, (about a week before J.Lennon was killed), 'Colonel Sanders' kept pushing through a multitude of failures and successes, "too busy to work," until he finally conquered the world with his special fried chicken, which kinda paralleled the rise of American rock-and-roll.

Granted, Sanders' chicken, and fixin's, were high in fried fats, wheat, starches, sugars, and dead animals, but after he sold most of the businesses over to corporate business, this all became even worse - such that he would travel around to local KYC restaurants to try their food, and then to denounce them for the steep decline in quality - especially the gravy, which was not much better than plaster, according to him. The businessmen subsequently merged KFC with another producer of fried, wheaty food, Long John Silver. And what else? Are they also Burger King, or what?

I haven't eaten at a KFC for years, for health reasons. I did meet the Colonel when I was a tiny Earthling. He liked kids. After he died, the craven businessmen decided to use his image to continue promoting their business. And so they resurrected his voice and visage as an electronic animation. They wanted to impart the feeling of down-hominess, etc., even though the real Colonel kinda hated how they had destroyed the soul of the business, and pro0bably would never have agreed to this postmortem exploitation. But, what could he do? He was dead. And the company owned his entire image.

That's like the American Dream making a parody of itself. You could be like Sanders, and struggle your whole life, changing and inventing, and failing and succeeding, until you finally bring in so much corporate cash that your whole personality and character get signed over to the money machine, and you disappear like a dead snail, disintegrating over time in its own shell.

The original Aborigines in Australia, (like many Native Americans), resisted Westerners taking photographs of them - believing that this would steal their spirits away. I think they were right, because, not only do I watch spirit-stealers everyday, all around me, and not only do I see corporatist capitalism continuously conspiring to eat away the spirits of people, for its own conveniences - but I also see these examples like Sanders, standing out as complete, ultimate proofs: Corporations ARE PEOPLE. Corporations inhabit and consume and BECOME the mortal people they exploit, like professional parasitic wasps, (pun not intended). That is the ultimate conclusion of, "profit."

And to the end of ever-regressing satiation of CEOs and stockholders, corporations will forever out-compete each other at best reducing wages, most dangerously polluting, most invasively imposing, most successfully destroying unions, most cleverly deceiving or addicting customers, and most ubiquitously hiring ROBOTS to take the places of people, first here, and then everywhere - such that their will shall supplant all other will and resource. This is the logical, and entropy-driven, conclusion. Corporations shall, if they can, manufacture people, at the same time they manufacture a new truth to justify it.

Orville Redenbacher - same deal...

In January 2007, a television commercial featuring a digital re-creation of Redenbacher appeared. Redenbacher's grandson, Gary Redenbacher, responded to questions about how he felt about the advertisement by saying: "Grandpa would go for it. He was a cutting-edge guy. This was a way to honor his legacy."[7]

Well, maybe that might be a nice illusion of immortality, courted by the rich - some of them.  But, I think it belittles all of us, bit by bit, to the point that resurrected corposes on the screen may thrive so illustriously, like a population of all-too-perfect Princess Leias, ("Rogue One"), just as much as any oncoming army of perfect clones or robots, such that we all are left to fantasize and cry in the squalour of our own diminishing lots...

More than this, technologies of digital manipulation of images and voises - of "REALITY" ITSELF - when used in the hands of autocratic corporations in league with government/s, threatens to control and to destroy customers', workers', citizens' - HUMANS' - access to true new, to facts, to reality itself, allowing no degrees of freedom for dissent.  Fake news is speeding into a future, co-vectored with AI and robotics, far more dangerous than our already anesthetized public can yet imagine.  It is too busy believing our present stream of Fake News 2.0.




Guardian: The future of fake news: don't believe everything you read, see or hear

ATLANTIC: The Era of Fake Video Begins: The digital manipulation of video may make the current era of “fake news” seem quaint.

As the economy marches on, we continue to give over more and more of our control to corporations and governments.  Their ownership of property rights, of capital, of image and copyrights, will more and more Trump our own claims - and they can prevail not only because they have free speech as "PEOPLE" - and not only because they have massive amounts more money than any one of us puny individuals - and not only because they are investing in and creating the new fake-news technologies - but also because, with government, they more and more exist in the business not of persuading, but of controlling.  There may come a day when greater minds than ours rationalise that, in order to preserve the state and to protect the people, a constant state of war may be necessary to propagate through the media - replete with fake talking leaders and fake battles and so on.  Oh wait.  Didn't that already happen, back in 1984?!

"War is the health of the State." - But why wage expensive war, destroying the planet, when it would be easier to wage a reality TV show, staging an endless war like a fake Apollo 11 Moon Landing?

But, then, why care about consumers if all is now CONTROL?  Who needs the popular WILL, when robots will be available to do all the work that is needed?  These are rationalisations going on RIGHT NOW, by rich, twisted people, leading them to scenarios of mass-extermination, which may or may not have been experimented with by now.  Remember that phrase, "Nothing happens by accident"?  Well, humans are so vastly opportunistic and contrarian, they will attempt absolutely everything - and that is especially true of those who have POWER.  Therefore, it is better to stop crucifying, "conspiracy theorists," and start one's own scientific process of hypothesizing and testing and teasing out what is the REAL TRUTH - versus what is FAKE NEWS.

Some years ago, everyone laughed at Alex Jones, when he claimed that corporations like YouTube (Google) were saying that they owned the rights TO HIS VOICE - and to HIS IMAGE.  "Wow - there he goes - he's just ranting on about more weird craziness again!"  Once again, it turns out that he was right - though he will continue to be called crazy.  The fact is that YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR VOICE OR YOUR IMAGE - NOT EVEN YOUR DNA - WHEN CORPORATIONS CAN COME IN AND COPYRIGHT IT FOR THEMSELVES.

After that, your spirit is stolen, you become a puppet for other people's money, and fodder for the ever-expanding  FAKE NEWS MACHINE.

Such a far cry from the American Dream...
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