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Pope Francis Outlaws Hell

‘Hell does not exist’—the surprising declaration of Pope Francis

“There is no hell in which the souls of sinners suffer for all eternity,” Pope Francis said in an interview that generated doubts and controversy.

La Reppublica newspaper quoted Francis as saying: “They are not punished. Those who repent obtaining God’s forgiveness and take their place among the ranks of those who contemplate him.”

However, “those who do not repent and therefore cannot be forgiven, disappear,” said the Argentine Pontiff, as published the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Hell does not exist; what exists is the disappearance of the sinful souls, “he added in a series of statements that could irritate the most conservative sectors of the Catholic Church.

Stephen Hawking: "Phew! Thank God!"

Fact Check: Did Stephen Hawking Become A Catholic After A Blessing From Pope Francis?
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