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Leak: ~ President isn't guilty - Yet ~

Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, officials say

The Washington Post Publishing Leaks or Fake News About Mueller Investigation?

This is a field day for the deep state, on a witch-hunt. The target is: largely Republicans. With no success in finding ANY Trump-Russia collusion, the investigation freely expands and expands to investigate anything it wants, searching for ANY dirt on Trump. It goes into financial dealings having nothing to do with Russia, and so on. It is NOT investigating Hillary Clinton/ DNC; it is not investigating the Seth Rich killing; it is not investigating Uranium One, or Fusion GPS, or the Steele Dossier, or the thumbdrive-downloading of DNC emails - as opposed to an alleged Russian hacking. Just like slap-suits on controversial talk-show hosts, or police going through your car after they pull you over for no good reason, this is and ends-before-means operation with only one political objective: To impeach Trump. Everyone should be aghast at this dangerous affront to the democratic process.

Same old tune as last time around - June 2017 - Trump's legal team says report that he is under investigation came from ‘inexcusable and illegal leak’
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