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So, this is DAY 16 of FLU-MANIA. Lately, I have been dealing less with flu symptoms, but far more with the CFS consequences, which are severe. I really cannot do much of anything almost all day long. Luckilly, sleep is happening. Hasn't saved me yet, though. Had to cancel my bus rides on Tuesday - shifted them to Friday - then I had to cancel Friday as well. Thought maybe I could long-walk to bank today for special offer - but no. Instead, I see I can just do that online.

Only thing I have really been doing has being making mix-CDs. Mainly, a 3-CD mix of, "A Woodstock Experience," or something like that, filled with old and new music. Many songs from the concert. I have a lot of hippie music cuz that's what's at the library. Also, several movie soundtracks. Lots of newer groups as well!  This is turning out to be a really A.W.E.some mix. I decided I want to throw in more Crosby-Stills-Nash - all I have right now is the definitive, "Wooden Ships." So, either I try to order these from the library via computer, which is problematic, or I order songs online.

I've been looking at download/mp3 sites online. Got any preferences? Any recommendations? I also have a 35-song freebie thing for emusic.com.

You can name me some killer songs you love and tell me to download them. Then maybe I will get the albums if I like them. What songs do you love that I should really get?

In fact - songs fitting the groovy-hippie-Woodstock theme would be doubly bubbly!
Tags: music - hippie, music - woodstock 1969, my cfs - (& see health - cfs...)

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