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This is day 5 of the flu symptoms, (day 6 of the infection). Today, it has been as bad as ever. In fact, I probably also have pneumonia, because I am drowning here. I have had so many "coughing fits" which were really more like massive eruptions. I have had cold spells/ and warm spells, and various other things similar or same as CFS probs - but nothing has been as bad as this fluid in my lungs. I found nothing online saying this flu is mainly a lung problem. But the Wiki article on pneumonia was convincing. I have the predisposing condition of flu. I am also vulnerable because I have a chronic illness. I smoked in the past but not in recent years.

I am not an alcoholic, but I did go on a major bender beginning on Friday, which included non-GF beer. What I say to that is that I was full of carbs, and that was the main problem there. Last time around, I managed to stop creeping flu right dead in its tracks, largely by not eating carbs: Feed a cold, starve a fever. But, this time, there was no hope of that. The flu-monia hit like a shark. I took a deap breat on Saturday morning, outside, and felt the bern - I knew I was dead meat. Nevertheless, I managed to deal with a neighbourhood problem fairly well the other day, even during all this.

CFS largely involves the immune system going into constant overdrive. When people have MONO (Epstein Barr) they will show an indicator number of between 3-4. Well, my Epstein Barr may no longer be active, but because my immune system remains over-reactive to it, even after all these years, guess what my indicator number was? Over 500.

Thus, when I get the flu, I basically keep the flu. It goes on and on and on. Even today, I might not even have any flu-monia virus or bacteria, but because my immune system continues on, over-activated, then I continue all with all the symptoms - a virtual illness, as bad as the true one. Remember - it isn't the bug that causes illness, it is the immune systems reaction to it, including inflammations, that creates the illness.

People who get CFS tend to have been creative, sensitive people with Type-A personalities. They pushed themselves. Somehow, they end up with immune systems which are Type-A. Thus, with things always overreacting into extremes, with very very long half lives / extinctions - then there is a cumulative effect when new assaults are added to the mix. This is even true to our reactions to pollutants, foods, activity, stress, sex, bad sleep, and so on. This is why, for us, the Myth of Sisyphus is NOT a myth. It is hell right now, here on earth. What I have is not the flu because it never really flies away...

Forgot to mention - I twice had heart prbs with this flu-monia, due to poor oxygen to an artery or something. The second time was worse, (today). But I quickly did magnesium, fish oil, and so on, in case a heart attack might happen. People w/ flu or pneumonia often die of heart attack. I have also been twice my daily amount of turmeric, etc. Also had surreal balance/vertigo event - had to hold on to fridge door until it left. All because of poor oxygen. Using MSM is helping deal w/ that prob).

At least the jackass is not banging on the walls to make me stop coughing. He has sense enough to do that. However, EVEN WHEN HE HAS KNOWN FOR OVER TWO YEARS THAT I HAVE A CHRONIC ILLNESS AND DISABILITY, HE HAS BEEN BANGING AND SO ON, MAKING MY LIFE HELL. So, you know what that adds up to? It means that he thinks that the flu is a real thing. And he thinks that CFS, which is far worse than the flu or other illness, is some kind of lie. Imagine a whole society that acts this way and you may understand why I hate and avoid them all - especially when they, in their glib naivity and demands, have no idea how vastly exhausting they are to me, taxing me for days after they go home and have many fine nights of wonderful sleep. There is no god.
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