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The Eternal - WILL ROGERS

Before there was Bernie, way back when, there was one of the world's greatest cowboys, Will Rogers, who happened to be Cherokee.  I hope you take care to listen to, and enjoy, the following video, (from about 1930).  It will illuminate some of the subtlety and wry humour - and absurdity - that this cowboy's cowboy knew to throw.  Here he is defending the 7 million jobless poor, at the invitation of the notorious Republican, Herbert Hoover, but he made jabs at all sides, including at Young - and that's why everybody loved Will Rogers...

Be prepared to be amazed by, "The Ropin Fool," (1922), and watch the incredible adroitness and skill, like the magic of a horse-whisperer, which can only come from a long-abiding love and awareness of Nature...

Jane Withers Remembers. (Born in 1926, she is apparently still alive).

Trailer for, Trailer for, "David Harum", (1934).  Another subtle-farce satire on the rich, there are two interesting things about this movie, set in, "The Gay '90's".  One is that the lead girl is so spry, she might be an independent spirit from the future, say, 2018.  Another is that the black character is just so over-the-top absurdly stereotypical, that it is obvious to anyone who knows Rogers that this is a complete parody upon how blacks were being portrayed in the media back then, showing just how amazingly progressive Rogers was.  Because.  Like,  The rest of the country didn't start catching up to this until about 1965.

Will Rogers Biography.
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