where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

Meet the Old Boss, I Mean the New Boss...

Introducing the next governor of Illinois...

J.B. Prizker, (Democratic Billionaire).  He is guaranteed to win (in November) against the current gov., Bruce Rauner, (Republican Billionaire).  I will wrastle anyone who don't agree.  Here's who should have won the Dem. Primary: Daniel Biss, but the media never said much about him, so, hmmm.  Biss will have a chance, one day, because this godforsaken reign of kings surely must come to an end some day.  Chris Kennedy, who is a member of the Kennedy dynasty, also ran.  He had a few draw-backs.  He brought his brother to Rockford, where they sang, "My Wild Irish Rose", at the Irish Rose bar.  I don't think that was political though.  I think they were mostly drunk.  (See also Rose Kennedy).  I hear the Federal Facility in Rock Island is already building a suite to accomodate Pritzger one day.
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