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I am the person who will destroy China.

My N-fluenza

Here's a comment I made to an LJ friend...

Have you ever TASTED Slipshod Caviar?! It tastes like chicken...

Actually, you should trust my skills here. But since you got used to the band's real name, then of course you would find my name weird... BUT...

Really, it's not as weird as, "Chernobyl Sky Biscuits," which was one of my ideas for a band name, which a very cool friend really liked. I also thought another good name for a band would be, "The Free Radicals." A Psych major friend liked that but then said it should be, "The Free Radical SCAVENGERS." But I didn't like that because then that would make it a band of conservatives, lol.

On DJ in Madison asked people to call in with a new name for his avant-garde radio show. I suggested, "Flintstones Graveyard." He liked it and used it as the new name.

Lots of other examples like this. Too bad I never got my own band to name. I was born to rock but that never happened.

So - I have been meaning to start a tag named "my influence". Because I have found there are so many little examples of how I have pathetically influenced the world. This is true of all of us, to some degree or another. There is no line between how we influence each other directly, or how we pick up things subliminally, (a la George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord aka "He's So Fine"), or how we scoop things out of the soup of collective conscious or subconscious, psychically. The whole realm of "Psychics" is a fascinating area of study!

So, I have to limit myself to real influences I have made, which could be proved by scientific method. My letters or associations have made little tweaks in presidential campaigns, or in the course of activism in Ye Olde City. A joke I made ended up as a commercial: "We have more condoms than you can shake a stick at!"

And, like it or not, I am the sole creator of the word, "Co-inky-dink," which I released in Southern California and which has since been propagated by Stephanie Miller, so that it just might end up in dictionaries. It started with me looking at the spelling of 'coincidence', and noticing that the first four letters were COIN. I was a big coin collector. I played with the word, changing the 'c' pronunciations to 'k' pronunciations. The new word is meant to convey how cute and novel coincidences can be.

Don't think I am vain. In all actuality, I am composed of millions of bits of information all borrowed from other people and from history. So, mapping out the few influences I have made is just a little game to remind myself that I still exist. More later.
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