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solar curse

I thought, "something has GOT to be going on with the sun right now." I have been so brain-fatigued!!! The AM radio has been weird. I've noticed others being tired, like the lunatic downstairs, LJ peeps, and this damned comuternet. Despite being but an ephemeral, stochastic blip in the crashing white noise which is my white matter, I was able to put two and two together, and ONCE AGAIN find that there is a solar correlation to all this. There is a method to the madness...

G1 Watch for 14 and 15 March, 2018 UTC Days

Super Geomagnetic Solar Storm Set for March 18, 2018

Calm down—a geomagnetic storm will hit Earth on March 18

Today: Reports Of Geomagnetic Storm Hitting Earth On March 18

Note that I firmly believe that we are influenced by internal solar geomagnetic turbulence even before the official flare or CME reaches us several days later - or even if we never get hit by these. Even if a major solar hit on March 18 is fake news, we are at least due for a G1 in the next few days. That in itself tells us that there has been increased turbulence in and on the sun in recent days...

"Boy, have I got a splitting headache!"
Tags: space - solar flares
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