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Here's a very bad movie - You, Me and Dupree. It is one of those many rom-coms-for-males which fails. It mainly stars cute yet dull people with strange heads, like Mike Douglas with those eyes and that annoying hair; Owen Wilson with that nose, and Matt Dillon with a cranial crookedness which involves ears. Kate Hudson's acting was weak, mainly manipulating her face to create various versions of cuter-than-Drew cute, and seeking to imitate Celine Diaz at times, in wavering character moves only matched by the skirtish duplicity of the Matt Dillon character, (the latter which was noted by Roger Ebert). At least this movie was better than movies that I hated so much that I never got 10 minutes into them. But this movie is almost as bad as that, "guess-who's-coming-to-dinner" movie, with that flaky comedian who moves into a farm family's home - can't remember that one right now since my brain is fried. Anyway, the SPOOF TRAILER (see below) is actually better than the movie itself, and is worth watching, I guess, maybe. After I saw it, it made me ask myself, "Did they actually TRY to make the Matt Dillon dark and scary in the movie, yet deliberately tonied it down - or were the trailer-makers just plain genius because they saw this new aspect of the film??? Despite how bad this movie was, I do think it had some sharp, funny minds involved, as suggested in this Wiki quote, featuring Owen Wilson, who is Irishness, btw...

  • The film's title caused a minor stir as the uncommon name, Dupree, is the same as the title character in the Steely Dan song "Cousin Dupree" from their 2000 album, Two Against Nature which also concerns a ne'er-do-well relative who becomes a problem houseguest. Steely Dan founders, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker wrote a somewhat tongue-in-cheek letter to actor Owen Wilson's brother Luke Wilson about the apparent appropriation of their character's name.[4] The duo invited the elder Wilson to make up for the "theft" of their character's name by coming on stage with them at one of their concerts to apologize to the band's fans. Owen Wilson gave a tongue-in-cheek response to the letter, stating in a press conference, "I have never heard the song 'Cousin Dupree' and I don't even know who this gentleman, Mr. Steely Dan, is. I hope this helps to clear things up and I can get back to concentrating on my new movie, HEY 19."[5]

I am so fucking tired I don't know if I could or should try for the lecture tonight. It might need to include a long walk alongside, and I don't think so ..  If I stop by the library, I am going to donate this DVD to them.  At least the movie didn't have a shitload of swearing or nakedness in it.  I think it's target audience was actually comfortably boring middle-class, early-middle-aged zombies.

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