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Posted on 2018.03.12 at 17:12
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When I boil red cabbage, it virtually always a dull blue-purple colour, which is kinda disappointing, esp. because it is the RED in the cabbage which contains - oh I forgot the name for now. Cabbage also contains supher compounds, good for the bones and getting O2 to the cells.

More and more, I am covering food with a little cinnamon and garlic, to keep it from spoiling too soon. (In fact, I am even doing this with the bucket of dishes which wait in my sink to be washed - and it actually works. It holds off the surface bacteria. This means I don't have to use toxic bleach, which, at the very least, messes with your cuticles after you wash with it).

I recently made some red, now-purple, cabbage. Then I covered it with a fair amount of garlic salt. (Salt it the third angel of the grime-fighting gang). Not long after that, the cabbage STARTED TURNING RED! Like a day or two later, it was just beautiful. And still fine to eat, though garlic-salty, which is fine. So - I do not know the chemical reaction going on here but it is amazing. Does it have to do with sulphur, or garlic, or salt, or bacteria, or what's-it's-name?

I also wash down garlic powder and cinnamon, with baking soda, when I am trying to fight my internal demons. You know what? This, along with taking a tiny bit of Tinactin, is one of the more effective tools in combatting major aspects of CFS. It's observations like this which can give an insight into what CFS actually is. I believe CFS also involves a virus/es, in addition to yeast/fungi, and so I sometimes resort to taking several lysine pills, which fight the Herpes-typpe viri. Sometimes I eat eggs to try to rplenish the cholesterol in my brain. Sometimes I take fish oi to replenish the fat on my myelin sheaths. I drink coffee and chocolate and green tea, all decaf/de-sugared, all to fight dementia/vertigo, etc. I do soooo many things that, if I didn't, I would probably be dead by now.

Wine isn't great for my health but it dulls my anxiety, and the resveritrol is healthy. Wine and soy milk also grew me giant boobs and now I am an awful flirt but the money is good.

I am thinking of going to a college talk soon, on climate change and the economy. Don't usually get a lot of this sort of thing around here. I talked to a woman on the phone about it and she was all googly over me.

Is one of you religiously reading and LIKING many of my past posts? This is great because I really honour readers. I would give my left buttock for you guys, you know that. But I am confused about how this person is finding, like, a post I made in some community I don't even know, back in 2010?! And I don't know why a post in "o_c_c_u_p_y" was like, and then liked a second time where it was duplicated in "bernie_2016"... (Maybe there is a little group of these people, like a cult following!) If you are this person, and you are reading this, please put my thoughts to good use. Thank you.

Still hampered by computer weirdnesses.

OK THIS great article answers almost every question about red cabbage! (Broccoli is also great for the gut).

quercetin! - one / two

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