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Great Moments in Acting!

I wish I had the idea for this post a long time ago, so I could have taken notes...

We all kn ow of great moments in movie history - in Casablanca, Wonderful Life, Wizard of OZ, Godfather, etc.  These are ichonic moments which we all share as part of our culture.  But what are some of your own personal great moments in movies - especially the moments of great or memorable acting, or situation?

What are your favourtie, "goodbye's"

Your favourite kisses?

Your favourite comedy moments?

In my opinion, one of the best ways to judge an actor is how well they awaken from sleep, esp. after a hangover.  Keira Knighly does a great job of that in, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World."  Later in that movie, there is another memorable scene where Steve Carrel carries Knightly to the airplane.  But my very favourite part of that movie is where Keira Knightly does the quick listle whiste thing while sitting in the truck.  You can find these instances, and more, all mapped out for you in my only, "Movies by the Numbers," post.

Another great moment in acting, for me, came in the middle of, "Sex Tape." At the door of the boss' house, pretending to be making an appeal for charity, the delightful Ellie Kemper makes this hilarious, quick, complicated face. It is so funny, it is worth seeing the movie just to catch it, and play it over and over.

Kirsten Dunst does her funny little, "squeee! I'm so excited!" dance in a few movies, esp. in, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." She also dances on a bed, but I don't know if this was good acting or if she just looked hot. That reminds me of Amanda Seyfried(sp?) looking in the mirror at her ass, in, "Mean Girls." Funny but also hot in a weird way, or not, lol.

Well - that's all I can remember for right now - seeing as a frontal lobe migraine is starting up... I'll either ad more to this later, or make this a running series. But you get to contribute now, if yu want.

Do yuo have any special, "great moments in acting"?!

PS: "Peewee's Big Adventure," has a lot of memorable moments:
1 - When Peewee pretends to respond in French to a French woman, cracks me up.
2 - "I'm TRYING to use the PHONE!"
3 - Dancing on the bar.
4 - Large Marge! Aghhhh!!!
5 - "I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel." (This speaks to meh).

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