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ALEXACUTION! - Is your smartphone laughing at you?

I live alone and have lights controlled by Amazon Echo. Tonight, while sleeping, i closed my eyes and said “Alexa, lamp off.”

I heard a woman laugh, and lights were still on.
— Vedant Naik (@vedantNAIK) March 4, 2018

Scariest thing just happened: I’m watching the biathlon for the olympics and I said “it must be even harder for them because it’s a flat surface” and my Amazon alexa LAUGHED out of no where and it was such a creepy laugh and my mom and I lost it
— ashleigh (@ashleighcorby) February 18, 2018

Lying in bed about to fall asleep when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot lets out a very loud and creepy laugh... there’s a good chance I get murdered tonight.
— Gavin Hightower (@GavinHightower) February 26, 2018

Hearing @amazonecho laugh late at night when I didn't expect it, is the most momentarily frightening thing I have experienced.
— Mike (@Nouders) February 28, 2018

I'm lying in bed, drifting into a dream of dedicating my 700' tall wall to Vlad, which then falls over dead flat on me - and at the same time I awaken to this demonic laughter coming out of my computer machine! It sounded like Hillary! Plus Bart Simpson! Now I fear that her whole, "Impeach that Sexist Pig," campaign might really work. It's like Hillary is installed everywhere! In the cloud! In the deep state! Probably even in my remote control socks! I looked behind the curtains but nobody was standing there but the ghost of Dread Scott and a swarm of stink-bugs.
- TheRealDonaldTrump (@ImHereandYoureNot) March 7 2018

Amazon Alexa's creepy, spontaneous laugh is weirding people out

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant won't stop randomly laughing

Amazon admits that Alexa is making terrifying laughing

I heard about this on Clyde Lewis', "Ground Zero." Clyde Lewis is my favourite, #1 question-raiser. He is neither right nor left. He is usually neither right nor wrong. His syndicated yet independent 'paranormal' radio show has in the past been a real threat to the status quo establishment, left or right, aka, the deep state. In fact, not too long ago, he collapsed with multiple pulmonary embolisms, which should not rule out the possibility of some nefarious cause. However, Clyde Lewis often goes off on grandiouse rants or quests which may give too much weight to intangibles like mythology, extraterrestrials, and so on. That's OK with me, because I like how he is proposing elabourate hypothesis for us to think about, and think through!

This time, Lewis expounds upon the possibility of our extensive computer networks becoming intelligent, willful, sentient, demonic! Again - this is a good thing! Because there will come a day, sooner than later, when we will have to deal with this question, and of out-of-control AI and robots, as warned by Elon Mush, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. They are all correct - so it is very good to scientifically fantasize before the fact. God knows America has always had a problem of reacting rather than learning and planning, and always a little too late.

Personally, I believe that we may not have to deal with these issues, beyond tampering by evil programmers, until we are actually using QUANTUM computers and lines of communication. However, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that 'entities' on the internet, and the internet of things, could become cognizant, since there is such a thing as quantum bleed-over into our concrete, mechanical reality, especially where electromagnetic activity is involved.

Here is Clyde Lewis' monologue, in text: A SPECTRED GADGET

In hour ONE of this episode, you can hear several audio's of phones, dolls and appliances gone mad! Listen here: A SPECTRED GADGET

This monologue would also be relevant: TECHNOCRATIC FASCISM

Ground Zero Media / player.fm / Archives

Ground Zero Radio on YouTube / tunein.com
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