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Tuesday Night Movie Club

I seem to have found a cheap wine combo that doesn't disgust me.  I really shouldn't but I'm Irish, I'm Australian, I'm from Wisconsin, and I'm a writer - what do you expect me to do?  Although, wine isn't really big in Wisconsin.  My argument for beer is obsolete, apparently.  I miss real beer.  Anyway, I really am not drinking much these days.  Tonmight I am, in defiance of what my CFS is telling me.  And eating popcorn and chips.

Been having so many rough patches that it is fair to say that life is just one big patchwork quilt of worse and worser.  Despite another bad day, I managed to get up and go at around 6:30pm.  At the library, I renewed three Will Rogers DVD's.  They really are great - I will tell you about them, after I write them up for Wikipedia!  I've watched other things with or about Will Rogers in the past year or so.  I think he is pretty wonderful.  And not necessarilly for all the reasons you might think.  I find him very subtle and snarky.  Kinda like he was made for now, in some ways.  Also watched another Steve Jobs thing, which I will write about soon.

After the library, I got to the cinema just in time for, "Game Night."  There is a girl there I find very cute and 'nice'-looking.  Cute as a button.  But I am feeling too old or ill for a lot of people these days.  So, we found ourselves smiling at each other, and I pulled myself away.  I don't know what to do about this sort of thing anymore.  I just go about my life and that is that until I die.  The promise of a life of love and happiness just doesn't enter into my field of view anymore.  I just try to get through my day until the next time I am finally back in bed.

Then, after the movie, there were three women more my age, who had been sitting in front of me, now saying goodbye in the lobby.  They gave each other the warmest, most energy-expensive hugs and all that.  It was a little sad to see them overcompensating together for what was obviously a shared lonliness of existence.  Then, as I was walking out of the theatre, the last two were hugging again outside, and the shorter one looked at me with interest.  I put on my brave face and pushed on.  That's what happens to you if you're Irish but you spend so many years in Germanic Wisconsin: you become English.  Stiff upper lip.  Keep calm and carry on.  We will fight them in the air.

As I was walking home, as usual, at night, through the worst area of this city, I thought to myself, "Those women were the same little group who laughed at the masturbation joke."  And that's the sort of thing you wonder about.  It was odd.

Anyway, the movie: A fine waste of time.  I didn't think it was as good as the reviews.  I mainly went to it because it was dark humour, and had Rachel McAdams.  Sadly, I think she has been selling herself short in the last wut 10 years?  Doctor Strange really hurt me.  And the humour wasn't all that dark, it was just kinda slipshod ramshackled helter skelter stuff.  It reminded me of, "Sex Tape," which got worse reviews but which was funnier.  I think the latter got those bad reviews parlty because some critics like to skewer Cameron Diaz when they can, and partly because there remains a Puritan streak where they don't want to accept the idea of a Sex Tape in middle America.  But lots of violence in simulation game-playing is fine.

Seriously, the movie was OK - just ok.  The two leads did not have connective chemistry going on.  Several impossible things happened.  Yes, it was a comedy, but still it was unrealistic.  I think the writers were just naive or mislead, even though they were irish and Jewish - the best comedy combo there is, e.g., "Northern Exposure."  And even though this was a cute premise or concept, I think that it might be getting harder and harder for conventional Hollywood to come up with really fresh new ideas, and jokes.

On the other hand, my mind was partly blocked by CFS - and I didn't catch some jokes because I still had earplugs on and those jokes were kinda low keyed.

I'd say this got a grade of a C.  Average.  Rachel McAdams was yet again below her pay grade.  I thought the black actress was quite promising, Kylie Bunbury.

Btw - I found myself being able to predict several things in the movie.  This makes me wonder about the people who apparently gave the movie such an excellent score in Rotten Tomatoes, which I already distrust - a lot.  It makes me think that they might mostly be a bunch of people who are unable to predict things in movies, and so to see that those movies kinda suck.  That would be because they haven't seen a lot of movies in their lives, or they are just stupid, or they are too young - or all three.  So, that post I recently made about the "Most Terrifying Movie Ever!" - which got a perfect 100 in Rotten Tomatoes: My prediction is that that movie will be great for all the stupid inexperienced young people who don't know any better.  In other words, it won't scare the shit out of me, and probably others.  I want Rotten Tomatoes to just go away.
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