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Women Rock - Part 1

Not content with just winning beauty contests, Linda Moulton Howe went on to become one of the foremost researchers in the paranormal and extraterrestrial.  Here is her website: EarthFiles.  That site offers an RSS feed.  Every last Thursday of each month, she is a guest on Coast-to-Coast AM. But, this time around, she is appearing TONIGHT, March 1. She appears late, an hour into the show, which is Chicago time 1:am. You can probably find the show if you just turn your AM dial - or you can find a station in your area via the Coast-to-Coast website.

LMH doesn't just talk about far-fetched wierdness, like cat mutilations or alien abductions, she also discusses EARTH CHANGES, science and nature, in a very open, propositional or questioning fashion. Very fertile ground for provoking new ideas or questions. That includes the last hour of the show, where listeners ask her questions - it is just as good as the main part of her report.

I am going to bed now to see if I can catch her this time, w/o throwing myself into more illness. The bald man has gone away so I am completely at ease. Tonight, LMH will discuss Nixon and other topics. So, be sure to investigate on your own and maybe you will enjoy yourself.  -   ( TAG for LMH ).

Howe receiving a "Lifetime Achievement Award" from paranormal radio show host Jimmy Church.[7]
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