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I am the person who will destroy China.

Inchoate Update

My dog has a number of 'instinctual behaviours' wherein he is incapable of exercising anything approaching morality or discretion. Now, I know most of you think that dog's do not have morality anyway - that all they do is feign it to impress humans or what-have-you. No. When dogs are at peace and relaxed, they have true glimmerings of morality. But certain dogs who are closer to wolves, like the Akita, have certain times when they certainly live in an alternate dog-eat-dog reality. An there is nothing you can do about it.

- My dog sees a squirrel or cat or anything running, I am history.
- My dog smells urine especially of the female persuasion, he turns into a rabid fiend capable of pulling a train.
- I can hold off my dog before food, but afterwards he will wander around for another 10-15 minutes thinking of nothing else.
- If we cuddle or chum up, then he follows me everywhere until I trip over him.
- Like a wolf in a pack, he is inexorably loyal and protective. Nothing I can do about that. Stupid dog.
- If I leave him alone in the back bedroom, he will go into the futon an paw at it until all the blankets are removed. Absolutely nothing I do before during or after this is capable of changing this really annoying and taxing bedding behaviour. He will do it, and then slip away, not even sleeping there. I think he defiantly asserting his secret authority or something. At least he does chew anything up, or eat food off of tables, etc. He became passive aggressive after so many years of passive aggression from the neighbours below. He normally wages this against them and no me. But, if he is just happy or confident, he will trot around with his big paws, instead of walking, and this thumps the floor. So, like, after a few days of the crazy guy downstairs being quiet, my dog will get sleep, start feeling more confident, will trot around, and so the crazy guy will start banging on the walls. Although, the trotting problem really isn't that bad, esp. not these days.

Me: Everything was going along fine, and then all of the sudden my brain was attacked by CFS again - like it was suddenly being eaten alive. This put me out for some time, yesterday/today. Total down time for Bonzo. But it inspired a pretty good post - tbc. Eventually, I pushed myself out the door, and walked briskly to the library. On my way there, I pass a young woman yelling at her big barking dog on a vacant corner lot. I thought how it was maybe a big improvement to see someone actually disciplining their dog, compared to when I first moved her, and people called the police for me disciplining my dog. Maybe people have come to respect what I know about dog, about my doggie, about life the universe and everything.

After the library, I doubled back to see the movie, "The Greatest Showman," which I shall write about later. After that, I walked home. On that same vacant corner lot, now, there were two police vehicles, with a large dog barking in one of them - at me as I passed by. It was a K9 unit. I smiled. This town acquired a new K9 dog, btw. I just thought that was a cute coincidence. Like after I had those run-ins with that dude the other day? Later that day there were firetrucks and ambulances sitting wailing there, at that same spot. This sort of thing happens all the time. Because place has memory.

It's origami, Watson.

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