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The Harrison Influence

One of these days, I will gather together a list of the influences of the Beatles, most prominently George Harrison, on Rock & Roll, etc., via guitar, composition, philosophy and voice. For example, these folks all owe a great debt to George: Bad Finger; Eric Clapton; Derick and the Dominoes; Alex Chilton (Big Star); Romantics; Tom Petty; Jeff Lynn (ELO); The Byrds; CSN; Camper Van Beethoven; Dawes; Eric Idle; Dani Harrison; The Beatles; New Age Music - the list goes on and on. "Don't call us, we'll call you..." Until then, I will just make little posts, bit by bit. Like THIS one...

Leave a Light On - sung by Belinda Carlisle

I was hearing this song on the oldies station last year - a song I have heard so many times before - and I said to myself, "Hey! That's George playing the solo guitar!" I looked it up, and sure enough, it was...

"Leave a Light On" features George Harrison on slide guitar; Carlisle recalls: "Rick [Nowels] said we should get someone cool and with a distinctive style to play the lead guitar part. I thought for a moment and said 'What about George Harrison?' I had met George briefly a few years earlier in San Remo Italy and Morgan [Mason, Carlisle's husband] through his work on Sex Lies and Videotape" - a film Mason had produced for Harrison's HandMade Films - "knew someone who was close to [Harrison] and able to get word to him. George responded right away, saying he'd love to help out."[1]
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