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Kettle Black

Rod Rosenstein is the lynch-pin in the establishment's effort to overthrow Donald Trump. So far, Trump has been unable to dislodge him, due to some clever para-legal maneuvering by the deep state. Recently, he announced that the evidence that Russia tried to meddle in USA elections is incontrovertible. I appreciate being told that by some so-called authority because I am unable to think for myself. Where is this all this 'public domain' evidence? They keep pulling this trick without presenting real evidence, usually claiming that the really solid evidence cannot be revealed due to national security concerns. Just like the Clinton Dossier Memo might tarnish the reputation of the FBI - um...

Well, let's say the Russians have been tampering, which all countries try to do. So what?! Where is the COLLUSION being screamed about since before the election? Big nothing-burger woop...

That’s It?   Mueller Indicts A Few Russian Nationals For Troll Campaign to Influence 2016 Election

Ex-CIA operative says US has long meddled in elections, but it’s OK since they are ‘good cops’ ...

“We’ve used posters, pamphlets, mailers, banners — you name it. We’ve planted false information in foreign newspapers. We’ve used what the British call ‘King George’s cavalry’: suitcases of cash,” Johnson said, recounting that in the late 1980s he was told by CIA operatives that they used to plant reports that fit the US agenda or bluntly fake news in foreign newspapers by the dozen. The number of such daily “insertions” ran in as many as 70 to 80 publications, he recounted.

But when the US does it, it's for the greater good, the scholar and the CIA officers claim.

Of course, I cannot be trusted to give an objective view. I am biased in favour of Russia because I don't want to lose my LiveJournal.

Meanwhile, Trump pushes the Oxfam Haiti scandal investigation - another set-up to eventually expose more Clinton crimes. Hillary Clinton already has three other investigations going against her. We never hear much about those.
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