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The crazy man downstairs is back at it again, banging the walls etc. as late as 3:pm last night. This cowardly closet bully is all confidant after calling the police on the people next door, for loud music. So, now he is attacking me. And, when I go out with my dog, he apparently back on the phone shouting/complaining to my LL, who is an idiot for trying to be 'fair' with this psycho.

This latest bout of bizarre behaviour is yet another sure-fire predictor of rain or snow coming soon. I check my barometer and yes,, it is now dropping. I check the weather radio, and yes, rain is on the way. When it finally gets here, he collapses into silence for a day or two. He's completely nuts.

Do you know that there are times when he completely stops, hides his car, hides downstairs, leaves his newspapers, and pretends that he isn't home? But there are countless signs that he actually is home. This is the bipolar component of his behaviour. I think the last time he did this, it was out of fear that a neighbour/s would retaliate for his calling the police on them walking through the yard at night. He was probably also afraid that I had called the actual owner of the house on him. Which I'm going to have to do. I just don't like being any part of this subject, or this guy forever trying to insert his dick into my life. Another time he hid like this, it also suggested fear over similar situation/events. Anyway, when he come out of this stage, then he eventually starts the stomping and passive aggression, until it gets all out of control again, because he is in his manic phase.

Recent research shows that Schizophrenia, Bipolar, etc., all have similar biological mechanics. So, it is not surprising that this pathetic psycho narcissist also has a component of paranoid schizophrenia with delusions of persecution.

BTW - he once told the police, and probably the LL, that I go out and get drunk and then pass out. So, that is why he waited until a few hours after I came home last night. He figured I was out at a bar, and then passed out, and so he began the banging around 12:30am. This actually makes no sense to me, because if I am passed out, then what good would banging do? But this is what he does because he is a complete coward. You all know that I drink wine these days. Once a week. It started as a way to dull me from this guy, and help me sleep! But in all the years I have been in this town, I have NEVER ONCE been to a bar! Not one! But he has decided that I am a complete alcoholic, even when I am the most responsible person around. It has been he who has been harming me, my dog, this neighbourhood, etc.

If I wanted to go to a bar, wouldn't that be my right, as an actual grown-up adult? If I get home from a movie at 9:20pm, on a Tuesday, maybe twice a month - why is that something to attack me for? If I immediately put on my headphones and watch a funny movie, silently, with maybe a little chuckle here or there, what does that have to do with him? If my dog wants to jump up with me on my bed, how does he have the right to retaliate for this? If I mind my business, taking my dog outside, why do I have to hear him then getting on the phone and shouting at the top of his voice, or coughing and hacking, or banging from behind the wall downstairs? If I shovel snow, why is this some giant contest with him, such that he ultimately gets up the nerve to come outside at the very same time I am out, knowingly exciting my dog, just to prove, "I can shovel snow TOO, neener neener!"

By the way, his banging, etc., last night was directly below my front bedroom, where he thought I was. I was actually in the back bedroom, all comfy with my dog, so the banging didn't affect me. I was, however, awake at that time, by some fluke. That is what I am trying to recover from now, because circadian dysynchonies are a major insult to my CFS.

One thing I do to ward off the noise is to wear headphones over my earplugs. Last night, the left speaker in my headphones broke, sometime in the night. I figured out why. I was originally given a SW radio, a year or two ago. I decided to get an AC adapter for it, because the station settings kept disappearing when the batteries died. I also bought the pair of headphones. Total cost was an insane $60, at a RadioShack which is now closed down. The AC adapter creates crazy electronic noises over my radios. And the headphones contain a tiny microphone.

Lately, the adapter has been shutting off my radio and erasing the stations. When I would try to set stations, my dog's head would bounce up, because something weird was going on electronically. I figure that, last night, the adapter not only shut down the radio, it blew the circuitry in the microphone, and consequently blew the headphone speaker on that side. $60 for this, and the radio was another $60. Insane. This is why I would rather own an in-shape car made before 1976 - because electronic circuitry is just one big problem after another. That includes my last car. We are sitting ducks, waiting for a solar or Korean EMP to send us into the Stone Age, when creeps like the guy downstairs start roaming the street, looking for brains to eat.

One more thing: If I tell my LL that, rather than goo to bars, I actually go to MOVIES, then she will tell the guy downstairs, trying to be 'fair." What will that psychopath then do? He will follow me to the movies and sit a few rows behind me, because, "I can watch movies, TOO, neener neener!"

Before he recently went into hiding, my LL apparently told him I smelt burnt rubber wafting up into my bedroom.  After he came out of hiding, there now is no end to him wafting up more burnt rubber, cig smoke and pot smoke, now that he knows he succeeded in that.

Can you believe this crap?

America has forgotten what progress means. Gossip has been the kiln for our morality. The needs of the individual are lost to the power-hunger of sheep. All our goods are made in China. Most of our movies are made in Canada. We can't even pay China to recycle our plastic. We can't even build and sell our own solar panels in this country. Our tax cuts benefit businesses overseas - just like our inventions! Our stock market crashes when jobs improve. And everybody resorts to this ridiculous petty insanity, propping up egos which are filled with nothing but dusty air. Pop! And now here's Governor Rounner on the radio, pretending the GOP is not intent on crippling all government for the good of the billionaires. Don't get me started on the Dems.

Craziness. CRAZINESS!

After, "The Shape of Water," I cam home and watched, "Young Adult," a movie starring Charlize Theron. It is one of those great new dead-pan movies where people talk like people talk, and there are long pauses, and people just stop and stare in dumb astonishment. The joke just lands on the floor and everyone looks at it, then they go on their way. (I think, "Napoleon Dynamite," was one of the first and best examples of this, although it wasn't extremely hilarious). Written by the great Diablo Cody. Well, Charlize stars as the hottest girl from high-school, who gets bored with her supposed jet-set life in Minneapolis, and goes back to her home town to try to steal her old flame from his current wife and baby. She has a very cool, dry, wry, bored and petty personality. Except for the fact that she is a little more insane or immature than anyone could be w/o being clinically crazy, her character is mainly very believable, while also comic.

Indeed, she does come to admit that she is not merely depressed, but is crazy. Not, "Fatal Attraction," crazy. But she is a narcissist who generates erroneous pictures in her head about what others think, want, are, etc., serving to reinforce her own self-importance which is, in fact, based on little more than makeup and dresses. The fact that she is a 'successful' writer, as well, is just one of those incongruities which you have to eat because this is another movie written by a writer who wants to write about a writer, or people who write, or letters, or books, etc., you see my point.

Charlize's narcissism becomes delusional, codependent and tragic. That is something I like about this movie. Because have witnessed the reality of such people, who are also controllaholics, in my pwn life. And they forever blame other people for the vacuum in themselves which they obsessively deny. It is sad. It would be sad if it weren't so sad. But the other good thing about this movie is that it is very quietly hillarious. And it is in Minnesota, where, unlike in North Country, where Charlize immitates McDormandd's accent, no one in this movie has a trace of a Minnesota accent, other than the crippled guy's sister. This is the second Minnesota movie I have seen Theron in - and Diablo Cody's, "Juno," was set in Minnesota, even though it was filmed in Canada. So, there is some kind of pattern going on here, for later reference.

There are early indications that Theron is a tad crazy, which one might just interpret as quirks or idiosyncrasies. Hidden in this movie is the idea that her depression has been a simmering, long-term consequence of having miscarried her baby with said flame, when they were both younger. There is a very nicely low-keyed story about how she is trying to work these issues out, behind all her bombast and denial. In the end, she is too easilly convinced to leave her momentary humility and become the mean bitch she had been when she came into town in the first place. But that's what happens to most mentally ill people, like the guy downstairs: They just keep picking up where they last left off. Very good character portraits here. I liked it. And yet it is as mundanely palatable as some 1960's TV sitcom rerun.

I forget the one point where I was uncontrollably laughing in my mouth, but there are other funny bits. Like, when Theron arises in the morning, after depression, alcohol and bad sex, she still has the gall not to ask if she can coffee, but to ask the host, (the sister), if She wants some of her own coffee! Then she pours both of them a cup. Classic. Crazy.

At least the main character in the second part of this post confronts the need to grow up. That doesn't happen with the main character of the first part of this post.

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