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About a third of the things that Trump does are good things Bernie might have done - things like INFRASTRUCTURE - even though the latter is, like most things he does, tainted by GOP or philosophical irrationality. (BTW - I am pushing myself through the three-part "Atlas Shrugged" Trilogy, and you will be glad that I did). Another example: Trump will sign off on DACA, once he gets his demands, which is where I always knew he was on immigration. I knew he wanted to save Dreamers but wanted to use it as a bargaining chip. More examples: NAFTA, TPP.

Less than a third of the things that Trump does are arguably good things which Bernie might not have done, and they may have come from anywhere. These include very forward, "America First," politics; eventually pardoning Assange; coming down on the Clintons; bringing the dollar down, and being a successful asshole to another asshole, Named Kim Ill Ooong, or whatever his name is.

More than a third of the things that Trump does are bad things, or very bad things. Again, these things can come from Trump, the GOP, insane philosophy, or the far right. (BTW - I have decided it is now a mistake to call the far left the "base" of the Dems, and the far right the "base" of the GOP. That is not the whole reality). This includes the GOP mantra of increasing military spending; drilling in the Arctic or off-shore of the USA; flouting Climate Change talks, although this is meant to be a coercive 'bargaining' chip and meant to appeal to his Oil-Industry-influenced base; and a ballooning budget deficit surpassing anything the "tax-and-spend" liberals ever amassed, etc.

The social issues are what get most people's Irish up, but the more important issues are those which attack online/privacy, civil rights, independence from Corpocracy, personal wealth, or freedom from an out-of-control National Insecurity,ty State or a perpetual War Machine, or just plain WAR itself. Most of the time, not just Trump, but the FULL mainstream of BOTH PARTIES step right up to support these deprivations... McCain and Pelosi, side-by-side. It is here, when I see Trump in line as well, that I most despise Trump - as well as the rest of them. But, Trump continues to fail me - and often his base - on issues concerning the poor, wealth mal-distribution, or the environment. There is no doubt that I am not happy that Trump is president, but please look at the overall picture...

If Clinton had been elected, we would not be having an ongoing plowing through of WDC corruption; rewriting trade deals; investigations into the Clintons - lol; we WOULD be having a continuing war against Russia rather than just Russiagate against Trump; we would have a no-fly zone in Syria which could have brought us WW3, etc. If there is corruption in WDC, I want it addressed, even if it involved Obama and Clintons. While you may be trying to stop me short here, just keep in mind that if Bernie had been elected, then things would have as well been better than as under Clinton, and as under Trump!

It may surprise you that, although Trump really tries to keep his campaign promises more than any other candidate I have ever seen, Trump has been disappointing his base in many regards. Most of the time, this has to do with him selling out to the GOP, which is inevitable. Some of the time, this involves the long tradition of the GOP selling out to the same controlling corporate elite which also buys Democratic candidates.

But, Trump's true base does not want to see war; they do not want FURTHER messing with net-neutrality; they do not want NAFTA AT ALL; they do not want amnesty for Dreamers - although many of them do; they certainly do not want budget deficits; they do not want Jeff Sessions allowing cracking down on 'legal' marijuana; - and there have been several moves which have not been so appreciated by the working class which are hurting Trump.

The point is, in the best of times, and in the worst of times, it is ALWAYS going to be a mixed bag. I happen to think that the global environment IS the most important issue on Earth, and should not be put off decade after decade. Trump is failing me on this, OF COURSE, he is a Republican. He is doing a lot of other things which I deplore. But he is also doing several GOOD things. He is no Bernie, but he is still better than the establishment GOP or the status-quo DNC Dems.

One of the bad things that Trump is pushing now is this: Instead of cutting SNAP (food-stamp) benefits to the poor, let's cut those benefits in half while also requiring recipients to eat a basket of required food: Cereal, pasta, and other processed foods, every month.

Here, we have a true, "BASKET OF DEPLORABLES"!

Can anyone guess one or two or three - or four - reasons why this is an insane idea?

End of Part One.
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