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Broken Arrow 2 - Galactic Interlude

Out there in the universe, on a grand scale, things look

pretty random. There are indescribably massive filaments of

collected dust, stars and even galaxies, branching across

countless light-years. There are bizarre configurations of

gases and stars. Galaxies are flying around almost as if

there never had been, and never will be, any order or

regularity to their interrelationships.

On the very grand scale, things look pretty Jackson Pollack out there - and we are a minuscule part of it. To the best our abilities - including computer and AI intelligence - we have composed a 3D map of the universe - as if all the universe could be snapshotted in one tiny, shared instant of time - pffft.

Nevertheless, I am astonished at how this map looks so much like a brain neural network. Some of you may remember the post I did on this. There is a reason it looks this way. Just like on the scale of quantum dynamics, and just like the human brain, the greater universe is involved in the origami intervolutioning of multidimensionality. That is to say, the great universe is involved in the business of consciousness.

If you pan out even farther, then this map of the universe begins to look more ordered again, taking on a shape rather similar to a Maltese Cross.

Our expanding universe does not look like some kind of ball or bubble. It looks like a cross. and, do you know what that tells me? that tells me that our universe is simply some junction or node in a larger wave pattern, involving a virtual infinity of other and larger universes. So, this whole expansion business has got to go. But expansion/inflation and red shift are subjects that need to be discussed on their own, in separate posts.

I will say that red shift, (and so dark matter and energy), are derived from a certain way of looking that things - from a premise of mathematical regularity continuity. It is never entertained that red shift is a product of you own quantum observation. It is similar to, and related to, our assumption that there was a (singularity) Big Bang, instead of a various universe of black holes, etc., involved in perpetual creation. The latter theory is said to have been "disproved." (Actually, both are compatible, but I digress).

The point, here, is that there are levels or layers of fundamental order, and there are levels or layers of more random fluidity, all the way from quanta up to the Maltese Cross - and beyond! Of course, if we are measuring one layer of order, (or chaos), and we hit the wall where now the opposite prevails, then we are never going to fully understand anything. We have tools carved for order, then we hit a strata of chaos, and the gig is up. And vice versa.

We cannot study quantum chaos without understanding that the Maltese Cross is intervening there. We cannot study astrophysical relativity without understanding that both quantum and extra-universal chaos are intervening THERE. When you look at "the universe" SCALE-wise, with all its Hindi layers of chaotic and ordered creation up and down, it is not really much different than looking at the universe as if it were singular, when in fact it certainly has had universes before and after it, and outisde and beyond it, and so on. We are just not equipped for the tsk, other than to understand some things that relate more to our own life itself.

We are talking a scale which is infinitely multiphasic in space, and we are talking about a scale which is infinitely multiphasic in time! OK - now just imagine what this means if we are trying to talk about a universe which has dimensions EVEN BEYOND SPACE AND TIME. It is a loser's game, unless we start to understand all this perturbation from the experience of our own being itself. In our own experience, we have two realms in contrast: The astronomical macrocosmic, and the subatomic quantum dynamic.

But we also have the other realm of here and now - the MEDI-cosmic - "How do we deal with these?" realm.

How do you deal with bumping alng, 9-5, and maybe some clumsy accident happens, but at the same time there is weirdness happening: You have had a dream about a lost relative trying to tell you something meaningful? Or- even this: How do you manage your way through the streets of the city, when the electricity in the air, from a changing weather front,is turning everyone into creepy paranoid jerks?

How do scientists reconcile the theories of relativity, or just-plain Keplar laws of motion, or Mawellian-derived chaos theory, with the uncertainty of quantum-chromo-dynamics, with all its exceptions and perversions? We are all playing the same game, here, proles and scientists alike. Great physicists have gotten their prime inspirations from the quanta of dreams. Great artists have been motivated by a life of struggle against the cruelties of an all-too physical life.

One thing is sure: We each walk our own world-line through this interaction between ghosts on the one hand, and gravity on the other. Ghosts and gravity. Either one could be an avatar of love - or demise.

"We skate like fleas beneath a pane of glass..."

We are the mirror between the macrocosmic and the microcosmic. We are the mirror, and the magic.

We measure the atomic realm, and we consider such particles down there to be round in nature. Circular. Circular orbits. Centralised. But, really, what we are doing is staring down at the statistics of probability versus the statistics of improbability. That is a function of our own observation. Unbeknownst to us, all those particles down there are connected up - beyond our assumed/defined space and time - to particles outside the room, outside the planet, outside the galaxy.

I ask you, how can there be this sneaky action-at-a-distance, so similar to our own psychic experiences, if some greater or lesser level or layer of the universe, beyond our scope, was not in profound influence - beyond our pathetic little pin-pointed coordinates of time and space?

Many modern physicists say that there are more than 4 or 5 dimensions. So, we need to think beyond folding our papers of meaning or salience just this way or that, pretending that, say time. were convertible into our present 3D experience. We will need to fold our minds around a 6th dimension - a 7th dimension - 14 dimensions - and maybe a lot more! WE CAN'T DO THAT! Maybe we can get AI supercomputers to do that for us, but we won't even know what it MEANS! And that's kinda like defeating the whole purpose, because MEANING was what this was all supposed to be about, in the first place.

Can you imagine trying to fold our mathematical papers of understanding to accommodate the salient demands of 20 fricking different dimensions? 20 completely different phase options of folding?

Well, that's partly what we do when we venture into speculations about the beginning of the universe, the end of the universe, things impossibly before the big bang, things impossibly after our universe, universes impossibly beyond our universe, and so on, and so on. We are venturing into worlds we have zero understanding of, and will have zero ability to measure. Maybe we will have some vidence of bleed-through, but that's about it. Anything more, by that point we will have destroyed ourselves in war.

When people think of alternate dimensions, they think of hyperspace realms which somehow or another have some kind of weird subliminal influence on our own. Well, that is what I think of universes before the Big Bang. That is what I think of universe off and away in the netherland of the multiverse. I think it is all a weird, collective subliminal influence - and I think that perpetual creation is, in this light, beyond contest.

But keep your eye on the quantum 8-ball. If you want to get away from all this philosophy, then there is no better grounding than in the phantasmagoria of quantum uncertainty. Why? Because, it goes everywhere. You want to travel to the other side of the universe at break-neck speed? You are not going to do that in a punched-up Delorian. You are going to do in a rickshaw called uncertainty.

Even in that grand-scale realm of the universe, where great towering wafts of cosmic chaos flower over immeasurable distances, subatomic particles are still shooting about, not trying to be what we think we should be, but travelling about asking, "OK. What do you want me to be here?"

Then, from this vast superconnection of potentiation, you have the wonderment of superluminal communication via quantum entanglement. Existence is so completely amazing - and so repleately conscious.

So, I want to scale up and scale down now. We exist in the medicosmic realm. We think we are perfectly capable of squishing bugs, controlling crops, managing water, changing chemicals, eating animals - we think we are pretty easilly in command of all things small, even though this will be the death of us all.

Therefore, we scurrilous little pikers always turn our attentions to the BIG things that could so overtly, so suddenly kill us. The monsters.

Human beings are, for the greater part, great surveyors of what is big.

We study the macroscopic realm. Mainly, that means our solar system. Select scientists study the stars, but not much of that reaches the general public. The public wants to read about big science. The public wants to read about great big Greek gods in the sky. The public wants to read about tangible, concrete billiard balls.

Lucky enough, at the level of our solar system, there is a certain order that has always appealed to mankind-nation, albeit forever being changed goal-post-wise regarding god and antrocentrism and all that...

Now we are getting into a closer discussion here....

If you've been wondering what-all the discussion so far has to do with TIME, please just look at it this way: Time is space. If you've got a lasagna of space out there, you also have a lasagna of time out there. If you have a multiplicity of dimensions, then you have a multiplicity of times and memory. Time is not so straight-and-arrow as we think it is.

Got to hang it up for now...

When we reconvene, we will talk more about the whole billiard ball thing. Seriously, you are not going to believe what I have to say. Keep with this series, It will pay off. You will have many grandchildren named madman101.

Note: More severe illness. More comp attacks. More firewall work.
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