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Broken Arrow - Part One

Posted on 2018.01.30 at 23:22
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Because of limitations in my own memory, and record-keeping, and LiveJournal, it gets really difficult to keep theme-post series running along. I start some series about time, or how we process information, and then it loses steam, as I lay in bed for a few more days, looking at the ceiling.

There is an advantage to this, though. I can keep starting the same ideas, over and over again, so if you merge them all together, they actually begin to seem clear and important. In theory, that is. So, you can always go back in time and surf my tags and see what you can piece together. Some day, someone will come along and fit things together into a book, and he or she will subsequently be guillotined by the NAZI Communists.

What is time? What is memory? Is memory IN time? Is memory OF time? What is consciousness? Stay with me, and all of these questions shall be answered just in the nic-o-tine, esp. if you smoke.

To get started, other than the fact that it is, time is not what you think it is - and this is related to the levels of cognitively processing in your head, and in your society and its history.

Time is space. It really is better to think of time as space. But, in order to do this, you need to realise that space is dynamically temporal - actually in a confusingly multifarious way. That being said, time is inherent in space. It would be easier to convey this idea if you, like I, were nothing but an atom... think of all the things around you in your room, currently. Because they all have their own existences, and so their own beings, they have their own time-lines - and so their own futures, and their own ideas of what those futures shall be.

I may as well be talking about consciousness here, but really, we are sticking to physics. That chair over there "thinks" it has a certain future not so much based on consciousness, for our present purposes, but, because of it's unique situation in the environment, and because of the unique configuration of all the many types of atoms in its body, and because of their unique interactions with all the atoms in the environment, THAT chair has a kind of gross future direction, somewhat apart from other entities. It is not unlike INERTIA.

What If you decide to move and you take that chair and throw it into a dumpster? Was that part of the chair's "anticipation" of its own future? That's the thing. Because everything is mortal, especially the aggregated things like chairs and bodies and planets, occurrences SHALL happen which undermine their very best-layed plans. "Evolution," has been our way of trying to beat this inevitable rap - but we do fail. Human consciousness is no match for the whims of infinity. This is why we have religion.

Everything in your room has its own time-line, most fundamentally: The vast atoms and molecules and particles which comprise everything in your room. It is actually rather silly to try to separate it out into these macroscopic scale entities. But, we do this because our BRAINS do this! They may seem like an pointless point - but I want you to keep remembering this, because we will come back to it soon enough...

We say we are "conscious" because we can separate chair from table. In fact, that is not ultimate consciousness at all, but reductionism. Logicalism. THAT is HOW we tell our selves that WE have our own timeline/s - by comparing ourselves to these macroscopic things. However, our TRUE consciousness bubbles up from a billion different atoms and galaxies, miles and miles away.

OK - so just try to remember that for now, so I can on to another idea. Please try to remember that what our minds think is a logicalist reduction of an infinity of vast signals we are getting from all distant points and nerves and so on. That is where true consciousness is at - the same consciousness that plants share. (Arguably, rocks, as well, but that is too advanced for right now...)

Well, it is also easy to sit in your room, and if the sun sends out a solar storm CMI flare magneto bombastico EMP disruption to civilisation's telecommunications and computer and transformers and electronic cars, then you set that at high priority, now, don't you. It is a big emergency. However, it took anywhere from 8 minutes to 2 days, maybe even 3, for all that shit to hit your fan. That interruption is a lot like if someone (you?) went into your room and decided to thrown that chair into a dumpster, right? Same sort of thing - intervening in the expected order of things. Cutting off timelines. Causing a big to-do.

Well, that's what it is. It is some other timeline overpowering others. It is the same thing. But, let me tell you: You chair, your computer, your bed, your cat, the month-old scones over there by the closet - these were all communicating with you way WAY before the sun ever hit you planet. Way more that 8 minutes. In fact: SEEMINGLY INSTANTANEOUSLY.

That is what is going on with the space around you. It is communicating with you in slightly varied time, WAY before any of the EMERGENCIES slam in. But, to you, it just seems immediate and instantaneous. It just seems like... like space! not TIME! No, Space IS time. Even in your room.

A few of you already know what I am about to say... If you look at the moon, what you are seeing is already past. The picture you are seeing now is of something that already happened minutes ago.

If you look over the horizon at a beautiful sunset, everything you see is in the past. It takes those light waves that long to reach you. By the time they do, they are history. Everything you every loved or looked up to or aspired to? It was all PAST TENSE.

Everything outside of you has already happened.

And that includes virtually everything inside of you.

You may then ask - where is will?

I can tell you this.

But, first just recognise that everything in your room has already happened. And all you are now doing - all you ever have been doing - has been history - reading history.

Even you - you are just history reading...

Nevermind the beatings of the heart of a pulsar 2018 light years away.

I am talking about, "RIGHT NOW."

So. If you can plow this about for a while, I hope to next get to this thought: BEING is the way of balancing out this apparent annihilation. Time is more than most can imagine. I have a lot more to say. Stay with me on this.

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