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Here's a pretty good little movie.

"Catfight" (2016) - I had no great expectations for this movie. I'm not big on Anne Heche. I accidentally picked this movie because it includes Alicia Silverstone, but I was thinking of Amanda Seyfried instead. But it turned out to be a cute, wry movie. It has been likened to a Vonnegut novel - which is not something I would have thought of on my own, but I can see it. The humour is subtle and aching and sometimes absurd.

Then you get to the actual cat-fighting, and the women throw punches which sound like they have fists the size of breadboxes. Pow! Bang! Clunk! Unreal. In fact, I didn't need the violence, to like this movie. But I guess part of it's target audience would be people who would go just for the 'sexy' violence. I have to tell you, even the violent scenes, sometimes funny, are well acted. But it was the rest of the movie I liked.

This is a kind of mutant commentary on the pointlessness of war and, more specifically, the anger that begets was, and is inflamed by war. But the focus is on the relationship between the two decidedly dysfunctional women, and their places in the world. It is surprisingly sophisticated.

I have always thought of Anne Heche as being the whitest of the white. Her opponent is the wonderful Sandra Oh, who is of course Asian. Is it possible that this movie is a deliberate or unconscious premonition of some kind of war between the USA and China? I wouldn't put it past, "Cat Fight".

There is obvious character development or maturation, which inevitably becomes undermined by the anger and the fighting, all over again. That makes this movie a kind of dark slapstick or parody. It also conveys a feeling that we are all stuck in this stupid messed up modern world. Which. I think we can all relate to that.

So, there is no final moral to this story, (as in morality), other than it all sucks, and whatever else the viewer might choose to add to that. Considering this theme, the movie was nicely entertaining anyway. Certainly not like any goofy-preachy average romantic comedy. Or drama.

The apparent lack of a moral reminds me of two other movies I've seen lately: "Three Billboards..." and "Daydream Nation." After a while, it can get rather irritating when movies careen at their own immoral pace, never wrapping it up with anything but a message that the world is made for psychopaths. I think that is kind of depressing, and has gotten old, and is one reason - along with insane CGI - why movie ticket sales have been falling off. However, "Catfight," was fun, and I recommend it.

"Smart, suitably nasty, and well-cast, Catfight lands narrative punches just as fast and hard-hitting as the physical violence doled out onscreen."[6]
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