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4/4/15 11:58 pm - If you haven't, you must

Animals Are Beautiful People is my most favorite movie of all time. Please watch this immediately if you have never seen it. It is hilarious and endearing and the best part about it is that the animals themselves are the stars. Sure, there's human commentary, but the animals are what the movie is about. And, it was filmed in 1974, so it is way raw. None of this Meerkat Mannor bullshit. Just excellent badass animals living life in the Namib. I know anal retentive fuckers are all about criticizing the drunk segment, but here's what: fuck you stick in the mud jerk faces who want to go and ANALyze a collaborative effort of footage and commentary that results in hilarity.
Here is a preview:
Oh, you tryin ta fuck wit my egg?

Oh, I don't think so motha fucka! I will fuck yo ass up!

I am dying. This is pure genius. (Currently watching btw)
Also, this is probably the 1794th time I've seen it.


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