I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Nobody did it better than Alastair Sim.

Alastair Sim - Reminds me of my father.

I swear to god I am going to personally solicit Donald Trump to seperate the news/politics departments of NPR from all the great music and science stuff. Then, if you want NPR news, you will have a choice of NPR and REAL news and so on. This has just gone too far.

Anyway, back to the post...

The movie is, "A Christmas Carol." Scrooge suddenly realises that people are more important than all the riches in the world. He dances about like a giddy school-boy. A wonderful boy - an incredible boy. Well, that's what I was like when I realised that I have a little more in savings than I thought.

Yo. The bald-headed asshat downstairs started slamming doors at me again a few days ago, so I once again had to crank up my music - because he simply never learns. To get away from this pleasant annoyance, he apparently drove away to some motel where he could get some sleep. Which is fine because people SHOULD pay for their own fucking bullshit.

That means that I have been partying with my dog and wine in the back bedroom, just like in the old days, despite the fact that migraine and dementia keep trying to pop back in. Sometimes, it is permissible to live on the edge. This philosophy has got me where I am today. lol

But I am so happy. I remember pleading to my mother lost in the night, that she might help me in some way, because life was just too fucking fucked. Then, what do you know? Then this happens. I am a strong believer in being a strong believer.

So, I was up at like 3:am this morning, and had to lie around and wait until a more proper time to take my dog outside. When I did, I saw that the ghoul's car was still gone, yay! Theh I had to lie and wait for PRI's, "Livign On Earth," to come on the air at 6:am. Like some wanton classical greek, I imbibed this, my favourite show, with a cup of wine and my dog's head snuggled over my private parts.

Which reminds me. I can get a sex-change if I want to. Or, I can upgrade to a better apartment/town. Or I can get a new front tooth. In fact, I can get chipmonk teeth, which totally rock, as everyone knows.

Can you believe that Ellen Degenras is like 60 years old? But I did her dance anyway. And some other punk-era person is in that same age range. Freaking me out. It's like, being alive is all about watching everyone else die.

I will post more later, but you have got to listen to the latest TED TALKS. One segment discussed how money can in fact make you happy, if you spend it right. This I have known. But the secret is: Happiness comes from spending your money on other people. This I ALSO know! So many times, I have conveyed to you folks that an attitude of humility and generosity was one of the best keys to happiness.

Damn - I still have not posted that planned post on depression and how to get out of it - while I am presently threatening police action against the latest LJ friends who are saying they want to kill themselves. "Kill themselves" is about the stupidest fucking thing I ever heard of, right? Right. Stop it.

Well, the TED TALKS segment neglected to mention one other key to money = happiness. It is this:

Don't spend your money on THINGS. Spend your money on EXPERIENCES. That's a fact. I mean, when it comes to being selfish, this is the way to go. Don't watch a Travelling Pants movie - BECOME the travelling pants experience! What great experience would I personally spend any money I had?

That's easy: I would spend my money on not having CFS. Wooo fucking hoo!

Note: I just want to lament the passing of one of the world's greatest musicians, Hugh Masekela. His version of, "Grazing in the Grass," is better than the original, yet qualitatively different. A major influence in jazz and pop. One of my favourite, "Specials," songs, "Free Nelson Mandela," was roundly impacted by his sound - in fact, maybe it even included his trumpet on the track, idk. But yeah. Him and Ladysmith, they both rocked my world.

Oh - ha ha - btw - Remember I said I had a friend who is now a millionaire in SF? Well, it turns out that I have another friend in SF who is also a millionaire. He is a buddy from Madison who is now successful in real estate and capital investment. I also might have another successful buddy from Madison who has something to do with the Russia-gate thing, but I can't confirm this as fact. I do know that another of my Madison buddies is now a successful professor in North Carolina.

We dated and slept together and now she is a lesbian. Which is fine because so am I. Nirvana.
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