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Ecuador grants Assange citizenship!

Ecuador grants Assange citizenship, seeks solution with Britain

Youtube: Ecuador grants citizenship to Assange

See, this is why I buy my sardines from Ecuador. Solidarity. One of the most Catholic countries on Earth, they uniquely ground their morality in what is real and what is ethical, more often that a lot of other countries anyway.

This could be another, "I told you so," post, except I don't believe I ever posted specifically that this would happen. Besides being swamped by life and other posts, I was also hindered from writing positively about Trump too often, because most of you would call me a Trump supporter, which I definitely am not.

However, I have predicted, and seen this developing. Trump was required to denounce Assange during the campaign in order to win the election. He had to distance himself from his Jones-Paulian pals, he had to appeal to the middle/GOP by acting as true-blue-pro-AMERICA, denouncing all whistleblowers JUST AS OBAMA HAD DONE, and - HE HAD TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE WHOLE FABRICATED RUSSIA-GATE WITCH-HUNT DIED DOWN, before he could work behind the scenes to get Assange freed. It was impossible to do otherwise, without looking like he was in support of Russians who allegedly beat Hillary Clinton for him.

I have always known that, if Trump was not pro-Assange from the start, which he probably was, he would eventually come around to commanding justice for Assange in the end. Clearly, Trump arranged to have the Swedish charges against Assange dropped, which obviously paved the way for future progressive moves. Next, Trump had lawyers declare the simple truth that Assange had only done what the Washington Post had done when they released the Pentagon Papers, and so forth. With Trump convinced that there would be no legal impediment to Assange being found innocent, he gave Ecuador the go-ahead to grant Assange actual citizenship. The next move will be, after Assange m,ove to Ecuador, a little discussion on the issue of Wikileaks, plus a slam against the Clinton/Dossier attacks, followed by an actual executive pardon of Assange.

Whether or not this all involved Trump, you must know that I fully supported Assange, Snowden, and other whistleblowers, long before Assange appeared as some kind of opponant of the Democrats, or as some kind of agent for the Russians. Wikileaks versus fake news, is what it always was.

"Wine is strong, women are stronger, but the truth conquers all!" - That's a rough quote from something I read yesterday but cannot locate right now. Hurray!

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