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Are YOU a descendant of Robert the Bruce?

Family of Bruce, the Lion-Hearted - (and other Scottish clans and shopping)

Robert the Bruce's Heart in Melrose, Scotland

Robert the Bruce had many offspring and so descendants. So, even if you do not have the gene associated with one of his great grandsons, (King Robert III), you may be descended from Robert the Bruce, especially if you are of the Scottish persuasion, and especially if your name might be Stewart, Sterling, Sinclair, or possibly Wallace because those rabbits were all interbreeding at the time.

Half of Asia is descended from Genghis Khan, so why can't you be descended from Robert the Bruce? And look at that face. The further back you go in time, the more some Western Europeans and Eastern Native Americans look similar. We are all related. You don't have two parents you have like a billion.

Robert the Bruce got into office and a year later he was waging a successful battle of Bannockburn against the Roman-Anglo's. The Bruce, (aka, "The Boss"), fought alongside William Wallace and the Sinclairs - all of them having some kind of NORMAN connection. England was fighting for Roman Catholicism at the time, fighting off what are called, "The Pagans," which included Celts, (Irish, Gaels, Britons), Picts, and Normans who were from Norway, via Normandy in France.

Bruce Almighty won that war - rumoured to be aided by some Knights Templar, but also rumoured to be aided by the Knights of the Round Table, (See the Keira KNIGHTLY movie, "King Arthur," et al, for the latter). In the very same year of this battle, 1307, the Knights Templar were attacked by France's King Phillip la Belle, culled, and forced out of France into Switzerland, Scotland and even places farther west! This purge began on October 13, 1307 - which is where we got the superstitious stigma of, "Friday the Thirteenth," (true). The general purge continued, by the Inquisition, etc., through 1315, and beyond.

It is very possible that the Templars did aid Wallace and Bruce, decisively defeating the English at Bannockburn, although things didn't work out for the, "Pagans," in the longer run, as England was on the rise, and would eventually challenge the Roman Catholic church itself. France was in for a hell of a time...

The year 1307 is important to remember. Also, R. the B. was not a pagan - he was a Christian, who was excommunicated by the Pope, along with all of Scotland, which was largely, "pagan." Thus, Bruce was able to align himself with his countrymen, other Celts, and the Normans, who were a conflux of Christians and Nordic+Celtic pagans. Naturalists. Anti-controllists. These were the beginnings of uprisings against state and against church. I can relate to that. But I wouldn't get my DNA tested for it. It all goes into the same universal database. Know what I'm saying?
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