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I am the person who will destroy China.


Oprah doesn't have any real experience in government.  Mayor Jerry Springer does, so we should elect him as president, seeing as we presently have a crazy reality TV star as commander in chief.  Although - Trump does have lots of experience in realty, business, the mob, Saudi Arabians and Russians - all which supposedly garnered him over $3 billion.  Well, Oprah garnered almost as much, in her building up of various empires - and she has no nefarious connexions or does she.  Possibly, it may be impossible to become mega-successful in this world without involving yourself in the mob, drug-running, sex-trafficking, Roman Polanski, and Harvey Weinstein's ear.

One of the richest persons on Earth, richer than like 36 countries, most of which are African, Oprah has built up a successful TV show, magazine, reputation, and so on.  So, she has both the street cred and the pockets to run for POTUS.  She has spoken out for honesty, fairness, humanity, non-hamburger-meat, liberalness, and she is still overdue for giving me a car.  I think she is better than both Trump and Clinton as a candidate.  But Trump doesn't think she will run.  Why.  "I know her well."  In other words, he knows where the skeletons are closetted.  And, everyone knows, he would be the one to call them out.

So, I have to at least look at the possibility that Oprah is yet another lecherous vampiric monster in league with Satan, like every Democrat who runs for office, according to certain Republicans.  I have to consider more nonsense, such as this: Oprah Sought Women for Weinstein? Apparently, she shared women with him, stuck her tongue in his ear, and so on. So, here we go again with all this shit. Now the evil sex abuser is a beloved female...

I want out of this country, btw. Anyway, if she IS this sort of pig, and she knows it, and she knows that Trump will beat her on the issue of her depravity, unless the Dems unseat Trump based on the idea that he has Alzheimers, then it is possible that she may be feigning running for a while, just to play the cards in favour of the corrupt Clinton DNC Dems, with a little identity politics and forced naivete, packaged in her usual loving persona, (as when she said, "All those racists just have to DIE!"

But really, I wish I could cling to my old green idealism and believe Oprah to be just naturally good and progressive and constructive, but I know that every time someone like this is presented in America, you HAVE to look to see if there is another, nasty side to the story - even though I know that this gropegate campaign to bring down so many men based on rumours of sex-abuse, etc., is often contrived for political agendae, preying on the fear-driven Puritanism of many Americans. AND - a lot of media coverage is just time-wasting gossip or fake news, left and right.... AND - that is NOT to say that I do not think that some targets may not be guilty. I am saying: LOOK AT EVERYTHING. I will continue to remain skeptical like this until I recieve a car from Oprah, my special friend.  God save the queen.
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