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Mariah Carey Braves Climate-Change - Using Superhuman Powers!

For The Price of a Cup of Tea!

You have probably heard about Mariah Carey's infamous request for tea during her New Years Eve broadcast. "I was told there would be tea!" Some are villifying her for her rudeness as if she were one of the latest sex-abusers or the Rat-Pack of the 2000's. But it's not like she signed a yearbook or displayed her jewels to the smut-craven paparazzi. She asked for tea - and what is wrong with tea? Tea is important. It was cold outside! If you consider that, not only was tea in the contract, and Mariah was striving so hard not to flub her appearance this time around, and it was colder than brass monkey balls in NYC - BUT SHE WAS ALSO DRESSED LIKE THIS ...

She deserved to bitch to high heavens for tea if she wanted to! Fgs - some people do not realise when someone is doing this country a big favour, trying to give us their all, even when, behind closed doors, they are often depressed, drug-swilling insomniacs with some chronic illness or another. I mean - it is like an oceans of crocodiles out there, these days.

Thank you, Mariah! Go on a vacation now, drink lots of Bermuda tea, and get your stunning profile plastered all over the Daily Mail.

'I was told there would be tea': Pop diva Mariah Carey calls her New Year's Eve show a 'disaster' as she breaks live broadcast to demand a hot drink... one year after shambolic Rockin' Eve performance in NYC

Oddly, there is mostly praise for her in the comments section of the LJ ONTD rag!
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