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Do Not Adjust Your Scream

Posted on 2018.01.03 at 13:58
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Jodie Foster Says Hollywood Is “Ruining” Our ‘Viewing Habits’

- slams superhero movies as 'cinematic equivalent of fracking'...

I agree. And a big reason why Hollywood superhero movie are so vacuous, besides trying to appeal to every market sector across the globe, including China, is because they try to make money off of all the relatively cheap, filler CGI - which they assume are a fail-safe magnet.

As I watched, "Contact," the other night, I thought how cute it was that they mainly used CGI to enhance the experience of Jodie Foster's hyperspace "dream" experience. I even wondered what she would think of today's over-the-top CGI superhero movies, in comparison. I look at the, "Doctor Strange," movie as an example of how CGI is just insane, absurd, impossible, and unbelievable for exhausted audiences, other than impressionable kids and psychopaths. I also look at the latest Star Wars movie - CGI simply was not interesting, in its bigness and absurdity, while it overwhelmed the main creativity which made the first Star Wars successful. "Tomorrowland," was also oppressively over-the-top - although this movie approximated character development, in some Disney way.

I also think that Jodie Foster, with less starring roles today, was bound to be offended by these newer movies, and would want to defend the greatness of her past movies, (namely, "Contact"), and, "Black Mirror". Well, that's how life works, so, good for her. It's like her own little, "# metoo." More and more, there has been an idiocracy growing in Hollywood, which has also bullied directors and actors. It is just one more example of an American institution coming apart oat the seems, because it is filled with people with overgrown egos and expectations. With such a gaggle of jerks, no wonder they do not understand character development, exquisite plot, or the moral needs of the American people. - (I mean "moral" as in, "the need to feel moralised or motivated about life, via art").

The many comments over at LJ's ONTD.


commie_gardener at 2018-01-05 05:01 (UTC) (Lien)
Hulk would be a better president or someone orange
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