I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Day 1 - Importunity knocks - lets make lots of money

Dementia continues to chew away at my brain all day, though not as severe as yesterday. So of curse my browser completely locked last night and is impossible to work. This may have been a trojan or just Firefox. It is very efficient at blocking anything I try to do. I have to abandon several partial posts because I cannot access those tabs. Otherwise, I am going through my HISTORY through December, turning some of those pages into bookmarks, before I finally close the browser - for fear it won't save the tabs when it goes - which is what will happen because all the tabs have the same url! Everything else says I am looking at a PsychologyToday page I deleted, except for all my toolbar bookmarks: they all say the same thing: "kinggizzard.bandcamp.com" - and no accessing the sublinks. Unable to copy or past anything. However, by opening a second browser, I can at least get online. The first browser is completely beyond hope, just like my brain. I am pretty fed up with this tonight, including physically, and will probably not be online tonight. Need to rest/sleep and then maybe mx or a movie but no more of this browser hell. Nice way to start off new year.

Made an omelet.

Cleaned a pot.

Couldn't find something.
Tags: my brain / cfs - my brain, my cfs - (& see health - cfs...), my computer problems

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