where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

Peace on Earth is more Monkey Business

Peace of Mind on Earth

HAPPY NEW YEARS all you! - There is still hope!

You're free to decide and you're not so suicidal after all!

Did you know that this time of the year is my very favourite, especially for quiet creativity?  This time is the still-point of the turning world.  Now maybe I can get something worthwhile done, since my latest relapse seems to be exitting with 2017.

Btw - I finally got Morrissey's, "Peace On Earth is None of Your Business," and it pretty much stinks from what I can tell. Got George Harrison's, "Brainwashed," and it is great, especially if the order of the songs are properly rearranged.

Not one firecracker or cherry bomm tonight, although I may be deaf or possibly even dead. Better check on that...
Tags: gratitude / ingratitude, holidays - new year, music - b - harrison george, music - morrissey / smiths, peace, psychology - awe, psychology - gratitude
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