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Return to Wilderness - 2

This rebroadcast has great insight about groupism and self-worth. Many of you might like listening to it, and benefit in different ways.

The author makes a common mistake: She refers to society as, "The Wilderness," like wilderness is something bad. In fact, it is when you come out of that BAD "wilderness", into YOUR OWN, you enter into the Natural Wilderness. In fact, she is very much in agreement with Thoreau: March to the beat of your own drummer, and step outside of the artifice of Concord, into the true wild of the soul - the universal eye. Stand tall for yourself and what you believe in, because you are the prime agent of evolution itself. And share that intimately, in private, because the most private thing we do - sex - ends up being the greatest contribution we give to the species. Oh the irony!


Brené Brown: The Quest For True Belonging And The Courage To Stand Alone (Rebroadcast)

Standing up for beliefs in face of group opposition is worth the effort, study shows

Stand Up For Your Beliefs Amid Disagreement to Change Your World

Do YOU know where you stand in your friendship group? If the answer is no, it could be bad for your health...

If we all hold our own individual opinions, civilly, society works less like a power hierarchy and more like a supercomputer. Less like an artificial story of what "should" be, and more like what Naturally is. Not in groups but in wildness is our preservation.
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