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InfoWars: "It's a Wonderful Lie"

Hopefully, I am getting the correct video to you here. It should be a little discourse on the Federal Reserve. This system was installed to help regulate the economy, while it also, of course, helps the already-rich - no doubt about that. It is one of the major Central Banks of the world, and therefore cannot be fully trusted. Anyone who took part in o_c_c_u_p_y knows this. Big banks are inherently corrupt, to some degree, sidelining in drug, arms and sex trafficking, and funding covert and overt wars, as well as the industry which leads up and into these wars.

You can look at corruption in the Bush GOP, or in the Clinton Dynasty, or in Big Pharma et al, or in the banks, or in Hollywood, or in politics in general, and you will eventually realise that it is all indicative of imperialism in degeneration, whilst the very rich continue to advance despite it all, globally. Yes, there are structural and policy flaws in the Fed. But the bigger problems stem from a fundamental flaw in capitalism itself, which is naturally entropic, abstractive and elite-oriented. This is simply an extension of real Nature itself. But all the corruption surround these dynamics, they are symptoms rather than causes. Yet we spend all our time crucifying the corrupt, for their so-called free-will, when we never get around to readjusting the Big Picture.

If you want to understand the growing inequality between the rich and the poor, then you probably be open-minded to listening to all sides of the political spectrum, when it comes to economics. It was the Republicans who continue to shove Supply-Side "Trickle-Down" at us, I know - so it is always important to take what they say with a large grain of salt. But, still, the out-there conservatives do have legitimate criticisms of the Fed. which are worth hearing, and even worth knowing.

I doubt there is one conservative or libertarian out there who would accept my assertion that a fundamental flaw in capitalism itself is what drives corruption as well as bad policies by the Fed. - simply because the idea reminds them of Marxism. I am not coming from Marxism. I am coming from ENTROPISM, my own philosophy. Even though they would greatly disagree with me on this, they do agree with me sometimes more than some liberals do on other issues, about the Fed., etc. Many Bush-Clinton establishment liberals just blindly believe in free trade, the power of the marketplace, the moral value of money, Supply Side economics, neoliberal and neoconservative policies, and the concept of controlling the economy from the top-down - ideas I mostly take strong issue with, along with some out-there conservatives.

I listen to all sides - as I have no choice: They are ALL loopy! But this really is the only way to learn and grow. So, see the video about the Fed., if you wish, and take away what you take away...

It's A Wonderful Lie: 100 Years of the Federal Reserve - Infowars re-uploads video repeatedly removed by YouTube




There are a lot of other links out there, criticising the Fed. Except for those pulling the strings at the top, it was a good idea - it meant well - and you know about good intentions.
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