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Cook Bookery!

Posted on 2017.12.28 at 12:24
The ff info was also in that lost post I mentioned...

Yesterday, I ended up buying a bunch of cook books from the library! The reason for this is that I one day expect to have a wife to thank me for this and all my wealth.

Two books: Native American cooking! Two books: Oriental and Chinese cooking! Two books: Fish & fish prep! One book: Everything about huckleberries! One book: Cooking with Irish spirits! I am assuming that the latter does not refer to cooking with dead relatives. Most of the recipes look pretty goodf, with or without spirits, This is the only Irish cookbook I have, in addition to one I might have given away: "The Little Book of Irish Cooking," or something like that. It was so small because the assumption was that there was no good food in Ireland worth talking about. I do remember one Irish recipe from my past however, which was pretty good, "Brain of Potato Man."

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