I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Why do dogs attack their owners?

Christmas can be especially confusing for our canine companions .....

Why do dogs attack their owners?

...Backing up my belief that pitt bulls are inherently dangerous. They were bred to bite each other's faces off.

Kurska, a husky, bit me when I first got her. She was barking from our enclosed porch at people halfway down the block, so I was trying to contain her and she snapped at my hand out of general fear, of being in this new place, etc. Two fingers got hurt. I was furious at her, but things worked out. My present dog is also called, "an aggressive breed," but he is so good-natured, he has NEVER given me any kind of problem with anger or anything like that. Some big dogs are just that way. I had a beloved malamute who was like that. She was also the most psychic animal I have ever known. Both she and Kurska 'visitted me' after each of them had died. Both my present dog and the malamute were very aware of my illness. So was Kurska, but this was often obscured because she was a little selfish. I mean, more than most dogs, all of whom are selfish. Jerks.
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