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Zany Takes the Cake - Part One

I've been avoiding the movie, "The Grand Budapest Hotel," because I thought it would be stupid.  It was actually uniquely good.  I'll post about that some other time.  However, on the DVD was a video of how to make the glorified pastries featured in the movie proper.  ("The movie proper," ha, how about that?)

Now: I despise everything sugar - and wheat - and dairy!  Which is half of all Germany.  I sometimes have dreams of being chased by a giant ice cream cone.  Sugar causes diabetes, cancer, and cake insanity.  I think that the main reason that exercise is good for you is because it burns off any remaining sugar.  So, I will never make these little cakes.  But they may be interesting to you, if you bake.  It's a tricky, fun, elabourite recipe...

The Grand Budapest Hotel's fiercely guarded recipe for Mendl's Courtesan au Chocolat.

Alt link / Alt link / Alt link

Note: Plastic may be substituted for animals.
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