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I am the person who will destroy China.

"I don't want to die north of Fargo!"

The early day was bad with illness, but I managed to do a long walk to the stores around 4:pm. Was rushed. Caught the scheduled bus back home, around 5:45.

I watched a movie and now my head hurts, after GF Redbridge. I have to tell you. Wine is starting to taste repulsively sweet these days. It's disgusting.

I told you about the movie, "Under the Skin," which is the weirdest thing Scarlet Johansen has ever done. There is a reason why the trailer for that movie played before the one I watched: "Tusk."

I think that Kevin Smith maybe wanted to do his own version of, "Fargo," based on our much-emulated, central serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, in Milwaukee, correct name right? - Only setting it even farther north, in Manitoba. As a remake of Fargo, I think it is completely independent and creative - a movie in its own right.

But I do think he was trying to make a cult film. I hate when people deliberately try to do that...

Add to this overview, the ff movies, and you will get an idea of, "Tusk,"...

Boxing Helena
Little Shop of Horrors
Silence of the Lambs
My Dinner With Andre
Bob & Doug Mackenzie's Great White North
"Tusk" - by Fleetwood Mac
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Am I missing anything?....

This movie is an indie-type rehashing of a horror genre that has seen better threads, made for generation xy. A copy of many other copies... It is cute and quirky and freakish and all that. I just don't know how much more of this I want to see. I never liked 'horror' movies. For one thing, I don't see the point. It's a MOVIE. For another thing, horror movies are rather predictable and stupid. Also, they take advantage of scared movie-goers and get away with some really cheap costumes and sets.

I thought that this movie was supposed to be a kind of comedy! It turned out to be a quirky horror cult film with smatterings of funny - like when it makes fun of Canadians, which is the best part. Ironically, it points the finger of blame back at Americans. I do appreciate crass campy horror movies that include a lot of dumb humour, but this was not a comedy. I don't know what audience they were aiming for. Coffee-swilling cult film hipsters and marginalised adolescents maybe.

But, still, this movie is interesting to see, when it is not boring or trite. Worth seeing on a Saturday Night surrounded by accoutrements.

People like to be scared, I guess. I, myself, do not have the need for playing at struggle or strife, because that's what I am trying to get OUT of. However, I heard an NPR thing today about how teens love reading terrifying novels and so I guess, if I want to survive, I guess I should write horrifying bullshit.

Blame Canada Russia.
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