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Are you anemic? It may be bedbugs

Posted on 2017.12.17 at 06:05


where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-12-17 19:12 (UTC) (Lien)
Good. If you do have bb's, you might notice their little-dot bites, and the hamburgers they leave around.

I have become paranoid of mites, esp. in my beds, because of dogs. I'm not as fastidious as I used to be. But I dread -

- ear mites
- dust mites
- other dog mites, (and dander)

I have been extra sensitive to everything, so I do know when the dust mites are around. Clean sheets and underwear, etc., are always important. I have methods of separating my dog from my bed covers - you should see the furniture layout of this place - but that's not so easy to do with cats.

I try to vacuum when I can because I believe the dog gets a return of the ear mites from the carpet/etc. I have to have earplugs in all the time, which wet with water every night. Lately, my ears started smelling like my dog's ears. Ear mites?! Now I am using a tiny amt of tt-oil and dog ear drops - for myself!

Bed Bugs are taking over the country. They are almost impossible to get rid of - it's freakishly insane. Even if you abandon your house to an entire winter, they are sometimes still in there, waiting, laughing. Probably because they ahve all those hamburgers to tide them over.
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