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Les Deplorables!

GOPpers don't get irony. They just don't get it. Sort of. I'm not talking about all conservatives, or all right-wingers, or all republicans. I am talking about partisan GOPpers first, and establishment GOPpers second, who happen to represent all those other people I mentioned, plus the big corporations and their lobbyists and their lucrative jobs and jet planes and wine. Maybe all those other people are not this bad, but they do tend to share a common trait, to some degree - so that, when you get them all en masse, they are a basket of deplorables called the GOPpers.

What is that shared trait? GOPpers are always on the make!

Why are they always on the make? because if they don't succeed, then the enemy will. Born of a zero-sum view of the world, they mean to take before anyone else can. THIS is why they get rich. They have an extreme case of existential envy. You may not know this from looking at a pleasant, amicable GOPper, but he's standing there is squelched, complete ENVY over some other person - some other person who is the center of attention, or who has more money, or who has more freedom, or has more ANYTHING than the GOPper imagines he does not have, and: SO SHALL THE GOPPER WANT! Before anyone one else can see it, that wretched soul is already seeking to undermine and the exploit the object of his jealousy. And they also do this in comfortable classy conspiracies.

THAT is why bad things happen to good people.

I often refer to those Libyans, looking out to sea, spotting a ship in international waters but, because it is within their eyesight, the ship IS A DIRECT ATTACK UPON THEM AND THEREFORE JUSTIFIES AN ATTACK UPON IT FIRST!! Even though they sit there passively, and tout all the values of CONSERVING life, what they really mean is to aggressively ATTACK others in order to hold on to what they've got and, incidentally, onto what other people have got, as well, because that is morally justified. By some kind of tautology. Like the tautology of terrifying someone into fighting you, and then claiming self defense as you kill him. It's like the Israeli's massively retaliating against something they imagine might happen in the future, and so they destroy a neighbouring countries nuclear power plant. It's a weird kind of paranoia which doesn't so much make the world go round but keeps the jungle, and its laws, paramount. THIS is why the Middle East is the Middle East.

Hyperconservatism is built on wonderful moral rules, which are mere disguisors of jealousy, hate, greed, and all those imponderables which held so much significance in the Bible for some reason.

And we all know that corporations have an amoral, "fiduciary responsibility," to rape and pillage, wherever raping and pillaging doth appear to be profitable. On the take. On the make. Shoot first, take prisoners later.

What does this have to do with irony? This is why GOPpers don't get irony. They would much rather jump on an ironic joke and decry it's face value - milking that for all the attention and money which it might bring them. Rather than let the irony of nature just float there, minding its own business, they feel obligated to move in and deflower it. It's a culture of Type A, closet Alpha males and their accomplices, GROPING at what they have made themselves incapable of understanding. because irony suggests an open universe, or alternate perspectives. Hyperconservativism, i.e., aggression, sees a world of me versus you, black versus white, eat or be eaten.

THIS is why an opportunistic, hyperconservative blogger-slash-troll immediately latched onto an ironic comment made by progressive talk show host, Sam Seder, and blasted him for being anti-woman, and so forth, as part of our Great American Gropegate of 2017. So much so did he target Sam Seder, that the latter lost his job at msNBC - for NOTHING. Here is that interview from NPRi's, "On the Media." Very telling. AFTER the interview, msNBC repented and gave Seder his job back.

I have known way too many jerkwads in neighbourhoods past and present, who have for inexplicable reasons attacked me in similar fashions. It gets to be old, and if it doesn't, it will make you old. People who don't recognize the overt or secret aggressions of others get depressed, blame themselves, get cancer and die.

Now, I don't say that there are not also a lot of DNC-Dems pulling the same crap. Certainly, the Clintons/DNC learnt how to play this game better than the GOP, by observing the GOP. One all-pervasive tactic, e,g,m is to blame the OTHER for crimes or sins which ONESELF is actually committing. Works every time, until the electorate finally wakes up. This is not a progressive strategy, nor is it classically liberal. It is a strategy of establishment, meaning to conserve and to increase its own power. The politics of preemptivism.

However, establishment Dems do continue to pretend irony, as a ploy to sway progressive voters, so long as this cannot be ripped apart by the GOP. And, they are also careful not to make themselves look stupid by attacking GOP examples of in-group irony, except when they know that most of their establishment base will be willing to join in - along with a media feeding frenzy. many of Trump's faux pas have been torn apart by Dems in this way. But, generally speaking, it is the GOPpers who seemingly deliberately do not comprehend irony.

That is not to say that DNC-Dems are not as daft or worse than the worst of the GOP deplorables. I don't know what Hillary Clinton was thinking, putting out that ridiculous, cumbersome phrase. I mean, what common person goes around talking like that? What does, "Basket of Deplorables," even mean? It's like they paid some crossword puzzle player to pretend he/she was Frank Luntz, and they came up with this pharse they all thought was genius.

Then Hillary Clinton went a a book tour, (etc.), continuing to blame Republicans for her very phrase. "They all focus on THAT part of the speech, [of the irony], but they never listen to the OTHER [in-group] part, where I said that a lot of OTHER people were not deplorable - they were merely trying to make ends meet!"

But, as usual, Clinton betrayed her pathological habit of never accepting blame for any mistake she has made. So, while it is true that the Republicans did not listen to one part, IT WAS SHE HERSELF WHO WAS CONTINUING NOT TO LISTEN TO THE DEPLORABLES PART OF THE SPEECH - which she herself had made. She was not owning up to something that had offended millions upon millions of people, partly costing her the election. This is what both parties do - they hit one side, out of context, to make a 2-dimensional caricature out of their oppo9nant. Hitting at the irony first, befire the other hits first.

So, anyway, there is a far-right blog-news site called, "The Daily Caller," which also has its very own wine club. (I am suspicious that this site might be another CIA front, designed to track far-righters. I gain this suspicion from certain signatures in the IP's, etc.).

One of the wines they are selling is called, "Les Deplorables." Which, I think is great. Good for them. They are using it as a way of showing solidarity and spite, proud that trump has been elected, and so the so-called "deplorables" have won! This is their little bit of irony, (which also makes me wonder if a higher mind might have fashioned it, lol).

But the real irony is that ANYONE could buy that wine, and send it to a friend who supported Bernie - or even a friend who supported Clinton. Because it's just funny. One Clinton supporter could send it to another Clinton supporter, in complete ironic bonding and vindication, all the more deeply after consumption. I can't imagine that progressive wine freak, Stephanie Miller, has not jumped on this!

But, there are those GOPpers, in their in-group, gobbling up what they think is their special secret, when in fact all the world is a stage, and we its players.

Stop your whining! You may buy some yourself. At $15 a bottle. But you have to join the club, which is really expensive. You get to quit at any time, but I would be afraid that I would be charged for the next shipment as soon as I bought the introductory. Any which way, it is just too expensive for me. I would have liked to have sent out a few bottles, but such is life for me, and we, Les Miserables.

There's the rub.

Where's the isopropyl?...

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