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Extraterrestrial Sausage Tweets Holiday Message, Insults

Is ‘Oumuamua an alien spacecraft? First scans show no signs of technology

I thought I posted about this some time ago - but maybe not. I know I also referred to it but not sure if that post ever went up either(!) There are, lately, a lot more stories about supposed gigantic UFOs in space, around the sun, etc. These might be asteroids, or plasma phenomena, or armies of aliens, I'm not sure just yet... We are passing through a rough galactic patch. On the other hand, what alien civilisation would not want to watch from the sidelines as we undergo the latest phase in our evolution: mass-extinction?

They found that the oceans have been warming faster than expected. They found that sea levels would be rising greater than expected. They found that the arctic is warming twice as fast as expected, turning dark, and so absorbing more heat from the sun - (an accelerative loop) - just as I predicted only decades ago.

If these drastic changes can happen in only a few decades, just imagine how things will be by the year 2100. And people get hung up on swimming polar bears as if they are cheering for their fabulous Chicago Cubs. This is not a game. Believe me, at this point, we should be contemplating any prospect of soliciting help from possible aliens. Unfortunately, that would probably be the other prong of a great existential Catch-22.

We have had an asteroid/moon which appeared to be sending out alien signals, once before. I can't even remember the name of that. There was lots about it over at earthfiles.com. It emitted an actual electromagnetic signal which sounded like some living creature. Then our landing craft fell over, (supposedly?), and that was that. The point is, do not close your mind to even the most bizarre. Some possible aliens might build their ships to look like rocks just to escape attackers. I know I would. In fact, that's how I dress when I go shopping. For Les Deplorables. Links to the past:

Interstellar asteroid checked for alien technology
Mysterious interstellar object to be scanned for alien tech as it flies through Solar system
Alien life? NASA poised to reveal latest findings of planet hunting Kepler spacecraft (POLL)
Newly found Antarctic ‘air-eating’ bacteria could change the way we search for aliens

Amateur Astronomers spots ‘massive cigar-shaped UFO’ near the Orion Nebula: / Long exposure...

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