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smoke on the water - A FIRE IN THE SKY

This mess in California was destined to be. If you want global civilisation, this is the price you pay. It is interesting how trends, including global warming, seem to attack the very icons we venerated for so long. The very ones who made our society seem glued together and worth something, if not a little fun. Remember when Hurricane Katrina came through Louisiana, and the insane religionists shouted that the gays were all to blame? Well, the irony is that, today, as the world flips out, up becomes down, and famous becomes infamous...

With global warming, there is an unsettling of climate patterns. That means that chaos increases in the system. THAT means that there is NOT an overall, pleasant, predictable warming, so much as there is a disruption of hurricane patterns, of floodings, of snowfalls, of droughts, of fires, of El Nino/a, and so on. In other words, the sine wave gets a massive amount of distortion in it. Along the way, there are some places where up is down, and down is up. Some places which had been the most convivial become the places which are the most dangerous for us. Los Angelos. Miami. Puerto Rico. New York.

Other places might do better - at least, unless the entire sine wave flips over, similar to a complete pole reversal. This is the BIG thing we need to be prepared for, though we never will.

Anyway, the symbolic point is this: The upheavals of climate change make it so that we lose the very important places and institutions and people who have been the pillars of our society - and, to some, it may be concluded that, "God is punishing us!" OK? Let's take this even farther. Because, in some perspectives, they are not entirely wrong...

I have long pondered why it seems obvious that during periods of increased seismic activity, the planet simultaneously experiences an inrush of comets and meteors - as well as solar changes. The answer is that all these things are related, in discrete yet UNIVERSAL ways. Even though climate change is mainly caused by mankind, the activity of mankind is dictated by vast universal influences. And, the warming of the Earth may be partly due to a rise in core temps which we have been missing, because of changes in the solar system as it passes through certain areas of the galaxy.

Since everything is ultimately related, even the superstition that, "we are bringing on our own doom," is not entirely wrong. It does tend, however, to get in the way of figuring out scientific solutions, if there may be any. But, by all means, if you feel like praying is the answer, PRAY!

For there will be signs in the heavens...

Fireball lights up the sky over US east coast

California wildfires: Flames seen from space

'Extreme' fires in Southern California devour Murdoch’s estate

And now I'd like to give you a few posts from a friend in California who has been commenting on the wildfires. (He needs to make himself known in order to give me permission to post this in w_a_r_m_i_n_g)...

This is What the Apocalypse Looks Like

Posted [protected post] on 2017.12.05 at 10:36
Humeur actuelle: scaredscared
This is not good. Crazy wind is moving the fire towards Ventura.

Low Points

Posted [protected post] on 2017.12.06 at 11:54
Humeur actuelle: calmcalm
It was a cold morning. Got to 35 degrees for the low. The dew point and humidity was low, too.

SoCal is facing an apocalyptic fire situation this week. Lots of fires driven by wind and dry brush, closing down some highways in LA and Ventura counties. There's no rain in the next two weeks. We should be getting some rain at this time of year, but it's not happening at the moment. This area sure needs some downpours.

On the bright side, our house is decorated inside and out on Monday. Looks wonderful. We still need to decorate the tree.

A Sobering Reality

Posted [protected post] on 2017.12.07 at 11:15
Humeur actuelle: melancholymelancholy
This is another article on wildfires, droughts, climate change, etc and will get worse in the future: https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/6/16742496/california-la-ventura-thomas-rye-creek-fires-drought-water-climate

This is probably our punishment for not evolving much as human beings and doing enough to stop this threat for the past few decades. When a public shooting happens, half the politicians do nothing about gun control. When a massive hurricane or wildfire hits hard in places...well, the same people do nothing about it. Don't say Al Gore and Obama didn't warn you. Climate change is a reality. Problem is, humanity continues to do the same stuff and expected something to change. We aren't doing enough and adding more people to our overcrowded planet or drilling for more oil and coal is not going to make anything better.

So, you have a choice: Try to make a better planet for future generations or continue to watch bad reality shows/faux news and ignore the reality that could happen in your backyard.

The Weather Channel Strikes Again

Posted [protected post] on 2017.12.08 at 10:34
Humeur actuelle: annoyedannoyed
The Weather Channel continues to name winter storms while avoiding California all together. Hello! Who cares if it's snowing somewhere while we're baking under record heat with smoke from this mega-fire 60 miles away. You should be talking about this! Not this "who cares about California? Let's talk about snow in the East" bullcrap.

I'm jealous and disgusted that the Southern states are seeing snow. I wish it would snow nearby. I'm tired of sunshine and I'm tired of heat waves and I'm tired of smoke and I'm tired of wildfires and I'm tired of this lack of rain. I want winter weather for crying out loud!!!
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