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Office Space

I watched Office Space (Mike Judge, 1999) a few days ago. I got good reviews, but failed to sell well - but now it is a DVD IT cult movie. Not the greatest movie, but I say don't miss it. It's history in a couple of ways. It will sometimes make you chuckle.

Now, the thing is, I think this movie might have been really influential. It looks to me like it heavilly influenced the creation of, "The Office," which began in the UK in 2001. The main character even looks a bit like John Krasinski, (who went on to produce or direct the deadpan, sardonic, "Jeff, Who Lives At Home" - which is comparable to, The Office, especially with the herky-jerky camera). He also looks a bit like Brendan Fraser. In fact, the way the main character dressed and carried on, I think that this might have influence the development of Charlie Sheen's character, in, "Two and a Half Men"!

I think this movie might have been interpreted as a statement, by Hollywood, as to what techy Generation X was all about. The studios didn't have a clue what Judge was trying to do, at the time.

Also, the starkness of the office interiors and window shades looks like it influenced, "Matchstick Men."

I don't like it never relayed how the building was set on fire at the end - was it the "Milton" guy??
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