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Dec. 8, 1980: "Hard Times Are Over"

A day after the anniversary of D-Day, John Lennon was shot by a man who now lives with his father next to a very rich golf course, with a bracelet on his ankle. By the quirks of chance and underground politics, some people have all the luck. How does it feel to be?

I used to post on this day a lot more intensely, which you might partly find via my LJ tag. Here is a JL song I never heard before. Yoko Ono took it from a JL demo, including a metronome, and produced it up just a little. I would add this song to, "Free As A Bird," and, "Real Love," as posthumous gems...

Grow Old With Me

Grow Old With Me - (Postal Service)

Hard Times Are Over - Yoko Ono, 1974

I Just Shot John Lennon - The Cranberries

I find it interesting and curious that Lennon was finally killed just as the Reagan machine was moving in. There are virtually no accidents in politics. This applies to the age of Trump today...

Lennon and others, like Pink Floyd, were greatly an uprising against the great wars that had happened to their parents and grandparents, as empire faltered. With most of the protestors killed off or neutralised by 1980, the stage was set for the great narcissistic flowering of the baby boomers, from about 1983-1993, which was based largely on debt and lying and big hair. Remember this. The great flowering of the millenials should be coming about 2020-2030. More to say on these things soon...
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