I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Maxwell's Precarious Demon

Little lives or all the world can suddenly turn on a dime.

Yesterday, I became to ill for skill and, at the same time, my computer shorted out once again - speed-wise - so I had to go through the whole ritual of bringing it back to life again. Why was this a good time to do it?  Because I lost my internet!  Apparently, Earthlink's computers went down.  Later that night: I retreated to the back bedroom with my dog at around 11pm, trying to be silent so the guy downstairs wouldn't follow us and pull some pranks in the night.

By midnight, I noticed that my dog was just sitting and staring at the tiny, Alice-in-Wonderland door of that little bedroom. He was very anxious. He also did this weird thing with his mouth and breath. It was crazy. So, after all the precautions to be silent, I ended up having to take my dog outside, which the guy downstairs surely heard, because he hears everything, especially things that don't exist.

I thought everything was taken care of but, again, my dog was unsettled and crazy when were were back in the bedroom. Having seen two of my dogs die in the past, I was very concerned. He clearly was in pain. I had him lay out and tried to feel for where the pain was - but I think most of it was just over-all. So, I sat there for a long time, petting him deeply and reassuring him. I found that his harness had grown really too tight, so I loosened that up - which he was glad about. I think it might be possible that the harness could have been causing a blood circulation/pressure problem. Maybe. But I think the real problem was food or something. What could it have been?

1? - For dinner, he had the backbone of the turkey, which contained the little spikes on it. Also, maybe it had a slight amount of onion on it from the stuffing. Onion is bad for dogs.
2? - Against protocol, he had received a new-er dog treat in the evening. It looked fine. Also, at his normal time, around noon, he received a different type of treat which I do have my eye on.
3? - A whole new batch of home-made dog food. There have been times in the past where the new patch had to be completely tossed out, since it didn't agree with the dog. But, these days, I am exceedingly careful about how I make it. So - only if he continues to have probs will this be the answer.

Well, thankfully, he didn't die. My doctoring managed to get him into less pain, and a better waggy mood. What a relief. Just need to keep an eye on him. So much of life would just STOP here if he died. I seriously want to get along to a better home for us so he can have at least a few better years - with like farm animals and woods and all that. Sex even. Puppies!

I've got to try a little nap here - so this is part one... Being up late last night really threw me/CFS right off kilter... And a windy cold front is now the norm... I'm having to keep those doors properly regulated... Including the doors of perception...
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