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Walking Around in the News.

Posted on 2017.11.29 at 18:50
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Anti-Trump protesters risk 60 years in jail. Is dissent a crime?

Climate activist convicted in Montana pipeline protest

Tear gas v. snowballs: Quebec’s far-right rally & counter-demo clash with police (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

NY Times hails ‘Arab Spring’ in Saudi Arabia, world goes ‘Huh?’

Saudi women on what life's really like - BBC News

Beating wives if they refuse sex is OK, according to books in Britain’s Islamic schools

Girl, 16, paraded naked in Pakistan after 'honour' row - BBC News

Why Child Marriage Persists In Mexico

Why does the US have so many child brides?

How do you change a child bride culture?

43% of unaccompanied ‘underage’ migrants in Germany turn out to be adults – report

Pregnant woman reports rape to police, is arrested for immigration status

Bull escapes New York slaughterhouse - See other Animal Interest videos here.

Man vs wild: Bear steals Siberian hunter’s 2 guns from his cabin

'Celebrity' elephant crushes owner to death in Thailand

The Problem With That Video Of Tigers Squaring Off With A Drone

A man wants to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself into ‘space’ with a home-made rocket

Launch to prove Earth is flat delayed by US govt

KFC Chicken Sandwich to Launch to Edge of Space 6/29 @ 8AM ET

Are 'Flatliners' Really Conscious After Death?

World's first floating city set for 2020 in Pacific Ocean | Daily Mail Online

Doctors restore vision to 121yo man, who’s happy ‘to read Koran again’

World’s 1st robot citizen wants her own family, career & AI ‘superpowers’

Robots won't just take our jobs – they'll make the rich even richer

Elon Musk warns of robots that are too quick for the eye

Elon Musk warns: Artificial Intelligence is highly likely to destroy humans

Sex robot Samantha is set to go into mass production | Daily Mail Online

Crocodile attack suspected in search for Australian woman - BBC News

Susan Sarandon: ‘I thought Hillary was very dangerous. If she'd won, we'd be at war’

San Francisco Becomes First City To Offer Free College For All - "Even Facebook Founder's Kids"

The Bizarre Outbreak of Hallucinations in Oregon | Psychology Today

A Taste For Pork Helped A Deadly Virus Jump To Humans

Life forms that could be 50,000 years old found in caves in Mexico | World news | The Guardian

Salmonella 'can kill cancer'

'Huge advance' in fighting world's biggest killer - BBC News

Worm that was two-metres long discovered by scientists

Women can get more orgasms by getting an injection | Daily Mail Online

Moby Dick: Quotes

‘Killer clown’ scares woman into premature birth — RT Viral

Why women can't resist men sporting bushy beards


When You Love An Old Dog, Managing Care Can Be A Challenge

Dogs relax the most when listening to Bob Marley music

Court Rules that Insurance Company Must Cover Medical Cannabis Treatment : Waking Times

Eating like a Viking is good for your heart | Daily Mail Online

A Cure for Wellness review – evil spa horror has eels, incest and aqua aerobics

Schizophrenia patients could benefit from B vitamins

Air pollution may cause millions of premature births

People far from urban lights, bright screens still skimp on sleep

Face transplant recipient hails results after suicide bid | Daily Mail Online

Singing Posters and Talking Shirts: Engineers Turn Objects Into FM Stations

This House Was 3D Printed in Less Than 24 Hours

The 10 Weirdest Things Created By 3D Printing

IBM creates hard drive from a single atom magnet | Daily Mail Online

Cotton candy capillaries lead to circuit boards that dissolve when cooled

US man held for sending flashing tweet to epileptic writer - BBC News

Flashback Friday: Scientists determine what makes a good-looking penis. - Seriously, Science?

Penis in the sky: US navy pilots grounded over 'obscene drawing'

Mystery ‘Booms’ heard in 64 locations around the world create confusion among scientists

Is Something Strange Happening Inside The Earth?

Shangri-La is in Surrey!

8 Ways to Get Weird in Seattle

Iceland's president forced to clarify views on pineapple pizza ban

Lindsay Lohan Wants Meeting with Trump to Discuss Syrian Refugees

I Asked Apollo 11's Mike Collins About his Underwear

This Is What Happens When a Firecracker Explodes in Your Eye

Drowned wildebeests can feed a river ecosystem for years

Article: The Center for an Ecology Based Economy in Western Maine | OpEdNew

Mothers and infants connect through song

Why Periods Are Political: The Fight For Menstrual Equity - 1A

Scientists create synthetic life after building yeast DNA | Daily Mail Online

For the first time ever, scientists have managed to ‘edit’ the DNA inside a living patient

Nazca Alien mummy DNA results reveal ‘mummified remains are not human’

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