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Heroes are so hard to find - 1

Gulf War Illness (GWI) is almost indistinguishable from CFS (ME).* A big difference is that they have a better handle on what might cause GWI, including chemical weapons, deleted uranium, vaccines and/or PTSD/CTE shell shock". Since so little money is spent on CFS research, it is possible that CFS people have similar mtDNA damage - it just hasn't been looked for yet. There is a study beginning on CFS and epigenetics, though.

Wars keep on killing: Gulf War illness causes DNA damage in vets, according to new research

Several years ago, I was a big CFS health advocate.** I wrote to all the prominent world CFS researchers, and got letters back. (I never was able to figure out the cause of CFS, but my activities did end up helping me, personally, in subsequent medical and legal battles). I also contacted Nurse Joyce Riley, who was often welcomed on late-night AM radio's, "Coast-to-Coast," advocating for investigation into Gulf War Illness, and for help for all sick veterans. Only because of her was GWI ever taken seriously, such as it was.

I actually have an official yet incriminating government document proving that USA (Rumsfeld & Cheney) chemical and bacterial weapons of mass destruction were sent to Saddam Hussein, prior to the USA going to war with Iraq, over the canard of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, ('ironically') - (similar to our attitude towards Iran today). These American-made concoctions are very possibly the same things that caused so many vets to become tragically ill with GWI.

If the latest research shows that there has been mtDNA damage has occurred, then it would be more likely that chemical, rather than bacterial, weapons could have been the cause of GWI.

When I received this document - this is when I personally realised that there are both good and bad people in all branches of government.

I also received a letter back from Joyce Riley - which I hope I still have. Among other supporters, I received a full letter of strong support from a significant local USA Congressional representative - a Republican.

Joyce Riley was a nurse who served in the USA armed forces. She has a number of major successes in her life, even though she is not even in Wikipedia! Joyce Riley is a hero.

1 - When Joyce Riley was a nurse in Texas, she suspected something strange about another nurse. Babies seemed to be dying under her watch. Joyce went forward and reported what she eventually learnt. This soon became a national news story, of a homicidal nurse. It was Joyce Riley who made this come to the light of justice.

2 - Joyce Riley served in the military during the Persian Gulf War, alongside so many other fighters. She, herself, contracted GWI, and spent many noble years fighting this devastating, shunned illness.

3 - Then Joyce committed herself to a career of bringing GWI to light, during the dark days of the vainglorious Bush administration. She also fought for better medical and psychological treatment for all vets. In this battle, I joined in if ever I could. I began to learn that CFS and GWI were almost identical. I also believed that both victims deserved medals. Because it's a war beyond imagination.

4 - Joyce started a completely new career - as a talk show host, on a shortwave and AM syndicated radio show, called, "The Power Hour." "The Power Hour," has been one of the strongest shows in talk radio. It has covered countless major and hidden gross injustices, to the point of, "conspiracy theory." (Remember, this was not long after a time when GWI was considered a conspiracy theory). Joyce Riley became a touchstone of the libertarian/constitutional right, even though she had a left-wing side-kick, looked at all issues impartially - including that of the possible injustices of Israel, and expressed opinions not always in line with the far right, including a need for sympathy for transgendered people. But, she was pocketted out there on the right, and that was one of her limitations. However, you all might remember me always posting links to her wonderful show, or to other sites as provided by her show's site's news page. "The Power Hour," was truly revolutionary and influential. It was meant, above all, to EMPOWER people in their own lives.

5 - Joyce Riley confronted a long battle with cancer, which we all got to hear her go through, day-to-day, until the last. Lots of people with GWI do die from cancer. But Joyce Riley kept fighting with great spirit and optimism. It is very sad that she is gone.

You might ask, why do I support people from the far left and far right getting together? Because of people like Joyce Riley. She was a conservative, cut from the same cloth as Jane Addams and Florence Nightingale. Anti-GMO; anti-unfair-trade; anti-Fukushima; anti-war; pro-Pipeline-protesters; pro-health; pro-animals; pro-environment; pro-organic and natural, PRO-JUSTICE - aren't these things that WE SHARE?! I mean, come on!

Feel free to surf for pearls:

Power Hour - the old days

Power Hour News - the old days

The Power Hour Today

* - Well, there has always been a big discussion in the CFS community, as to finding a new name to represent the real DEVASTATION of the illness. (Because so many people just think "fatigue" means being 'tired' and nothing else). The London English name is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). My Aunt in Britain died of this; (i.e., associated illnesses). Rather a clumbsy word for simplistic Americans - but still, better than overly simplistic "CFS".

In my studies, I found that there were several illness that could be considered associated - or even the same as - CFS. These included Fibromyalgia (FMS); Multiple Chemical Sensitivities / Environmental Illness (MCS / EI); Gulf War Illness (GWI), and Post-Polio Fatigue Illness (PPFI). Also, there are other conditions which display many symptoms of CFS, including chronic immune system hyperactivation, brain problems, and severe chronic fatigue. I have always been in favour of lumping these illnesses together somehow.

One word used to replace "CFS" was "CFIDS", meaning, "Chronic Fatigue / Immune Dysfunction Syndrome." However, since both of these words seem to be giving way to ME, academically, then I suggest that all of the syndromes I mentioned above, (and some others), be referred to as subsets of CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROMES, for treatment and research purposes. Similar diagnostic criteria could be standardised for these conditions. CFS could be continued to be called ME (CFS), or ME (CFidS).

The Chronic Fatigue Syndromes:
M.E. (CFidS)
M.C.S. / E.I.
- and others

** - yes, I was a big CFS health advocate. I tried to get CFS people together to activate, but everyone was too fatigued, ill and distraught to help in any significant way. People were dying. I also started a non-profit and bought two vacant lots. I had a newsletter. I hoped to turn a house into a local shelter for similarly ill people. But I was shot down by ignorance and by a neighbourhood asshole. My garage was burnt down; all 4 of my car's tires were slashed, and so on.

In America, everyone has the right to revert to reptilianism. It's God's way.

See also Jennifer Brea, "Unrest."
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