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Rumpgate: Part One

As you probably know by now, I am equal-opportunity anti-BS; anti-corruption; anti-corporatism; anti-"Deep State" or anti-"Shadow Government or anti-"Big Brother - the same global elite Big Brother which owns both the DNC and the RNC, the corporate media, and your privacy. There is a false dichotomy assumed by members of the DNC left and the RNC right, (both of which belong to the same animal). Those on the status quo left fail to look at the flaws in their candidates, system, values or approaches, and instead spend all their time ripping into the GOP candidates - and their supporters.

Those on the status quo right fail to look at the flaws in their candidates, system, values or approaches, and instead spend all their time ripping into the Democratic party candidates. Neither side realises that they both, together in the same conspiracy of ignorance, advancing the establishment, corruption and globalising corporatism. The irony is that the "division" works to serve the continuing singular destruction.

My philosophy is to create an alternative to this old middle, called, "The New Middle," made up of people BEYOND this sham, even though they may be called left or right. The true contest is NOT between so-called left and right, or black and white, or the alt right and antifa, it is between up and down. Unfortunately, Big Brother literally creates situations, circumstance and false flags which encourage the left to keep fighting the right, and vice versa - especially on the margins.

It is not so important to BB to have the upper middle class left fighting the upper middle class right, because they both are already sold into the status quo system. They are already the conveniently partisan. They are easilly bought by conventional money, if not by corrupt tweaks like, say, commandeering the DNC away from Bernie Sanders.

However, the "far right" and "far left" at the margins are less easy to manipulate by these easy civilised means. The cheapest way to manipulate them is to appeal to their limbic emotions, like fear and anger, (and their group backgrounds), by planting the psychological "bombs" mentioned above, in addition to media propaganda. This keeps them blind to the bigger picture/s, blind to their own faults and the value of some ideas of their opposition, and going at each others' throats like delusional children unafraid to kill and unafraid to die. Of course, this is a momentary effect, like an addictive drug, and so the need for BB to amp up this game grows stronger over time.

But, there are many who see through the crap, and strive to push ahead, independent of this pathetic manipulation which only betrays failure.

I guess I have said all that mainly for the record - once again.

Despite all the horror that is coming from Trump, I still feel that Clinton would have been the worse of two evils. (For me, the question is academic, since I was always for Bernie - even after the election, lol). Trump won with the GOP establishment chained, following him, demanding. Clinton would have won with the full support of the DNC establishment, which would have been worse. It wouldn't simply have been a replay of Barack Obama, who talked a good game, and did fairly well on social issues, but who always bent over for the National Insecurity State and its games of WAR.

Instead, it would have been Clinton at the helm of the ship of said juggernaut. Despite all the rhetoric involving Trump vs. North Korea, Clinton would have put in a no-fly zone in Syria, which had a better chance of leading us into WWII. (Syria invited Russia to fight there, and never did invite the USA). Clinton is the primary person behind the Russia-bating that has caused not only tensions between the USA and Russia, but actual weapons posturing and provocative invasions of air space.

Clinton represents the very global/corporatist FAUX MIDDLE which is antithetical to the interests of the middle class and poor of the United States. It includes close ties with John McCain, Lindsay Graham, the Bush Family, many other top Republicans, along with the mainstream media, who are consistently anti-Trump, naturally. Not only having to deal with his own ineptitude, like someone with Tourette's syndrome, Trump has to deal with all the amplified flack and blow-back from the GOP and this higher conspiracy.

I hope to be doing a series called, "Rumpgate," of which this post is part one. It concerns the ongoing anti-Russia/Trump charade, or witch-hunt, or propaganda campaign. This here post is centered on only ONE link. I am submitting to you the following article simply because it is right on the money. It is worth reading all on its own...

Is Hillary Just the “Fall Guy” for the Intel Agencies and their Moneybag Bosses?

In ("Bernie") posts which are linked over at a post in liberal_plus, I wrote of several concerns over Clinton's past, and her current connexions. You may go there and dig these bodies back up. Lately, we have the Steele dossier - but the Clinton's dossier-style warfare has been going on for decades. I'll have to do a new post on this, some time, I guess. Maybe. I'd have to include the whole pedophile ring allegations. Oh - I do have a similar post coming up on that, so. What I also find interesting is this Baby Boomer sense of entitlement, plus power, which makes her talk so baldly, and expect to be deemed the winner at all costs, when she really believes she is just being fair and right. It's a kind of bumpkin stupidity - a childishness bankrolled into a life of narcissism - an entitlement not unlike that of Donald Trump, just stylistically different.

And, whereas they are both narcissists, I think Trump is too daft to be a true psychopath. I do tend to think this is not so with Clinton. If you conclude I am being anti-woman, note that about 50% of psychopaths, (aka, sociopaths), are indeed female. Anyway, what else would be expected from ANYONE so entrenched in such a dysfunctional, moneyed SYSTEM, which currently commands the entire planet? Right? How can these people NOT be screwed up? It's hard enough just being poor, living in America. Try winning over the love of MILLIONS of fruit-loops, without cutting moral corners, and going rotten to the core.
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