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The Wheat from the Shaft: (The Joke Part)

Posted on 2017.11.16 at 14:15
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The NPR story, (see part two), notes the proto-Indo-European root of the word, "capitalism," arising from an ancient concept of wealth based on HEAD (cap) of cattle. I have long used this connexion in my own discussions. How many heads of cattle = wealth. How much "head" in capital = wealth. This reminds me of another word origin story...

We all know that the word, "fuck," goes way back to the age of feudal savages and ship-borne barbarians from the north. However, the pirates of the 1600's, being of sound Christian character, had never heard the term, "fuck," or, "fuck you!"

Instead, they simply used their old standby, "argh!"

"Argh this!"

and, "Argh that!"

It meant basically the same thing. The pirates continued to talk this way until they finally discovered the word, "fuck," in a draft copy of the Declaration of Independence.

So, up until that time, they just swaggered around, shouting, "Argh you!"

"Oh yeah? Well, argh YOU!"

And that is where we got the word, "argue."

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