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Tunguska !

So many Earth-shattering things have come out of Siberia: The Siberian lava flats; flash-frozen mammoths; massive die-offs of grazing mammals; melting permafrost;exploding subterranean methane; Sputnik; Native Americans; Alexander Solzhenitsyn; caviar; Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles; oil; prison camps; frozen-knee-dancing; turtleneck sweaters; Juneau Alaska; migrating glaciers and megafauna; Husky-type dogs; U2 spy planes from the USA; cocoa made from sawdust; Jurassic World; Starbucks; artificial lightning; Lamarkian wheat; Pavlovian conditioners; Stalinist pogroms; vodka; Reptilian UFO's; vodka IV's; Doctor Spock; Type-O Vodka; turnips; red potatoes; red cabbage; red communists; red herring-bait; Red Bull Vodka; Song of the Volga Boatmen; Santa Claus; Roswell; RT; Internet Vodka TV; Vietnam; crime and punishment; StaLeninPetersbergrad; Wikileaks; frozen yogurt; frozen yurts; frozen yaks; eggnog; freeze-dried sawdust; Denisovian leather; Chuck Yeager; Edward Snowden; Edward Scissorhands; Mark Zuckerberg; Bic Beiderbecke; Led Zeppelin; Snow Patrol; The Kursk; Kaspersky Labs; Casper the Friendly Ghost; ghosts in the machine; spies like us; Podesta emails; Bernie Sanders; ISIS; Assad; Iran; chronic wasting disease; Zika; Facebook Ads; Watergate; Donald Trump; immortal pneumonia; pedophilia; GMO mosquitoes; one too many; puke indistinguishable from Pepto Bismol; vodka gas bombs; global warming; the Marx Brothers; party ice-breakers; racist polar bears; Kudzu; Kudjo; Fukushima; General Electric; mummification; backwards alphabets; Harvey Weinstein; the Big One; The Day After Tomorrow; The Polar Vortex; The Polar Express; Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express; sawdust-based espresso; A Ruskie in Every Pot; pot; duck-and-cover; that hacking cough; birthmarks; little green men; don't look behind you; Congressional Hearings; Congressional loss of hearing; Casino Royale; Vampires; Werewolves; Gay Pedophiles in Drag; 2008; 2016; 9/11; 60 Minutes; Rumours; Smiling Faces; Back-Stabbers; cloak-and-daggers; crooks and liars; Breitbart.com; Alex Jones; Seth Rich; Vince Foster; non-Hillary voters; Barenaked Ladies; Ranks Prevus; Lex Luther; The Titanic; Larson B; Solar Flares; EMP's; Satanic; snuff; Steve Banon; Fake News; Whistleblowers; Deep State; DNC Leaks; drip drip drip; Deep Throat; Adolph Hitler; Libya; invisible involvement in elections just like those allowed by, "Citizens' United"; Baskets of Deplorables; RussiaGate, and spam -and...

Let's not forget the famous Tunguska incident of 1908. That is when a massive explosion levelled miles upon miles of trees, radiating outwards, and yet apparently left no crater or significant burn marks. This article, (from my favourite quasi, faux news site), claims that this could not have been caused by a meteor.

The mystery continues: Russian scientists disprove the myth of the “Tunguska meteor”

However, I thought it has long been decided that it was probably caused by a meteoric comet, exploding in the air. End of story(!?)

Let's just look at a few curious points...

1 - No serious burn marks reminds me of the many pingo's now exploding through the ice or permafrost in Siberia, leaving no significant burn marks. Could a similar thing have happened in 1908, on a larger and more concentrated scale?

2 - There remains a lake in the area. Which COULD have existed prior to the event. Or - if not a meteorite's crater - maybe this was where the methane arose from? Or - could the lake have been a repository of melted ice from an exploded comet?

3 - There is a theory that a meteor or dirty comet/s hitting North America around 12,700 years ago could explain the mass extinctions of megafauna, etc., since it would have unleashed a massive amount of CO2, leading (after a freeze) to global warming, and weather changes. Well, if the Tunguska event WAS caused by a smaller but similar meteor or comet/s, then the record should show a blip of a rise in CO2 in 1908/1909. I wonder if anyone out there wants to research this?! (On the other hand, a methane explosion might show a blip of methane rise - although an IGNITED methane explosion would also show a CO2 blip, but smaller than from a meteor/comet/s).

4 - A meteor or comet hitting permafrost, (especially if show/ice-covered), would also push loads of methane and CO2 out of the ground - that's my guess. However, there is no evidence of any strong impact, (unless it was in the area of the lake).

5 - This article states that there were weird atmospheric conditions observed, which could at least partly be explained by dust and/or gas in the air. However, some observed conditions might also point to a general geo-electrical disturbance over Eurasia. Even though I believe the event might have been caused by a comet exploding above ground, I also believe that the next hypothesis is one of a geo-electrical disturbance. This is a phenomenon I have been postulating on my own. From my thoughts concerning recent Earth Changes, including strange, "trumpets," flashes of light, and so on, I feel it is probable that Earth core, magma, and geo-magnetic field/s are responsible for these current events - as they may have been for the Tunguska event. The interesting thing is that such disturbances seem to correlate with times of increased meteor and comet activity. But, more on all this later.
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